3 Main Reasons Why Top Companies Monitor Employee Performance

According to statistics, around 73% of all companies in the US have started to use and implement computer monitoring systems that actively track and monitor their employees within the workplace. This is not a number to be ignored. Why are so many leading businesses and some of the world’s top companies taking the time and spending the money to achieve this?

What are the benefits, and perhaps most importantly, is this something you should be focusing on within your business?

In India, the monitoring of your employees is entirely legal, as long as the monitoring process doesn’t break any of the current privacy laws. However, within this article, we’ll go to detail all the reasons you need to know when it comes to why this is the case.

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1. Increasing Productivity

Let’s start with the easy one. Monitoring your employees will give you an obvious idea of how effectively they’re working and what kind of output they have. You may have loads of staff, but if they’re not working hard or don’t have the resources to make their job easy and without hassle, then you could be losing a tonne of money on nothing.

When you have the means to identify obstacles and bottlenecks within your company, you can actively sort them out, and when you can sort them out, you’ll drastically increase your business’s productivity across the board.

2. Keeping Track Of How Employees Spend Their Time

The average full-time employee gets paid for 8-9 hours of labor per day, yet statistics worldwide average that these employees waste around 60 to 290 minutes a day. That’s almost half the day, all unproductive. By monitoring employees, specifically when it comes to how they’re spending their time.

You don’t want to micromanage someone’s time, but if they’re crossing the line and taking extra breaks, or spending two hours on email because they’re checking their phone and aren’t working logically, then this is something that needs to be addressed. You’ve got the information you need to take action by monitoring your employees.

3. Data Breach/Theft Protection

Perhaps interestingly, data theft is all too common in the commercial sector. Employees with resentment who have access to computer files containing business secrets or proprietary information could potentially steal and transfer the information to competitors, inflicting significant damage to the organization.

For example, back in 2018, a corporation sued an executive for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, and stealing several files. The files allegedly contained personal information on the company’s clients, including credit card numbers, names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and addresses. Around 143 million Americans’ personal information was contained in these documents.

It’s possible that important assets, sensitive information, and trade secrets can be exposed, resulting in the demise of careers and businesses. This is why it’s so important to set up a business intelligence and analytics monitoring system with the appropriate features and configuration that protects the firm from insider threats – that is, against the leakage of sensitive or essential information – is the best approach to prevent this from happening in your organization.


Employee monitoring software has a lot of advantages. It’s critical to the company’s overall well-being. Increasing productivity, ensuring safety, improving time management, and enhancing your security. All of these factors could lead to a successful business.

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