3 Types Of Transactional Emails You Should Use

It goes without saying that it’s quite challenging to follow your users on absolutely each step of their customer journey. To tackle that challenge and to find out more about customers, modern business owners incorporate transactional emails that might speed up this process and make it more effective.

In this insightful post, we’ll take a deeper look at transactional emails and review the most widely used types of such emails. This information might come in handy for every business owner who cares about its customers and wants to do the utmost to make them feel comfortable while using their services.

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Why Transactional Emails Are Used?

Let’s begin with the basics, transactional emails are simple messages that you usually get when using a website or mobile application. You usually send them to your users when they request a password reset, add a new banking card to their account, etc. In other words, transactional emails can be absolutely each action that can trigger a reaction.

Mostly, transactional email services offer two methods of sending emails: API and transactional email SMTP.The first one is a flexible option of integration with your mobile application or service. The second method is usually more versatile.

Let’s move on to discussing the main types of transactional emails and where you can use them.

Feedback Emails

One of the greatest tools that you can use to improve your customer experience is using feedback emails. It is clear that you need to know how your customers feel, what they think about your business or your services. To get this information, you can ask them to share feedback after they use your products or services. And this is where the use of feedback emails might come in handy. Send them an email where you thank them for using your services, and offer them to share their feedback by clicking a link where they need to undergo a simple survey.

The main goal of feedback emails is to help you find out more about the level of services offered by your company. That’s a superb tool to improve your services and learn more what users are thinking about your company seem.

Reactivation Emails

This type of transactional email is also in demand. They are usually sent to users who have already interacted with your brand but for some reason they waive your services. These are users who abandoned their shopping cart and didn’t make a purchase, your email subscribers that don’t open your promotional letters at all, or existing users that don’t use your services.

A reactivation email is a super tool that allows you to bring back your audience and make them use your services again. You can easily target them based on their behavior or lifecycle stage. It’s up to you to decide what kind of offers to send to them – a more aggressive or just an unostentatious reminder.

On the plus side, reactivation emails are a good option to remind your users about yourself and demonstrate the value your brand offers. Make your reactivation emails creative and attractive; in this case, they will surely be noticed.

Password Resets

This type of transactional email is a superb tool for websites where visitors need to log in. It goes without saying that sometimes, users forget their passwords, especially when they have used your services only once. Make sure your password reset emails are received immediately and don’t make your users wait for a long time. Check if they are personalized and have clear instructions on how to reset your password.

Don’t make it wordy; make it short, clear, and informative instead. To avoid phishing activities, add a link where they will be able to report if there’s an unauthorized password request. This will undoubtedly help you improve your credibility.

So far, transactional emails are one of the best trends that can help you remind your customers about yourself, verify your users, send purchase receipts, gather feedback, reactivate accounts, and much more. No matter what business you are in, these tools will surely help you generate more revenue and finally, build brand loyalty. If you have never used them before, now is the best time to give them a try.

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