4 Things Your Business Can Do to Be Truly Accessible To Customers

No business can survive without customers. Naturally, you need to provide superior products and services, but when you also offer an exceptional customer experience, your customers will reward you in many ways. One way to earn those rewards is to make sure that you are fully available to customers whenever they need you. Here are four ways to deliver what your customers need.

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1. Answer Their Calls, No Matter Where You Are

Regardless of how great your products and services are, customers are bound to occasionally need something in a hurry. If they can reach you easily by phone or text — and you resolve their issues quickly — you convey a positive image

Can your customers easily reach someone who can respond? These days, business phone systems are available that can transfer calls to cell phones. Make sure that you have someone on call who has the resources needed to respond to customer needs even beyond regular business hours.

2. Expand Your Marketing Reach

It is essential to cater to existing customers, but you still need to expand your base with a robust marketing plan. Of course, referrals by happy customers can be a natural byproduct of accessibility, but you can still do more.

Part of your marketing scheme should involve getting your business online beyond your company’s web page. Positive participation in social media, for example, can help you announce new products — and make your business more accessible for providing customer support. You can also gain recognition as an expert in your field by posting guest blogs on trade or other related online web sites.

3. Find Secure Ways To Work With Customers

Becoming accessible to customers also involves keeping them secure. For brick-and-mortar stores, this means proving sufficient outdoor lighting, pothole-free parking lots, and much more. These days, however, a major part of security means keeping customer information safe.

Unfortunately, there is no 100 percent guarantee of safety because hackers find new ways to access information virtually every day. Even if you have to hire a security expert, however, you need to find the best possible ways to protect online shopping carts, other transactions, and communications in general.

Believe it or not, many companies, particularly in regulated industries, still rely on faxing, which is often considered to be a more secure method for transmitting sensitive information. This does not mean that you need to deal with the maintenance required by old-style machines.

Many online faxing alternatives are often even more secure, while advanced file management features make customer communications more controllable so you can respond quickly and efficiently.

4. Make Sure That You Welcome Disabled Customers

Whether you expect customers to visit your business, or even if they visit by phone or online, consider that 26 percent of Americans are disabled in ways that can make it more challenging to conduct business. If you want to add them to your customer base, you may need to consider their accessibility issues.

This may include ensuring that entrances, aisles, and washroom facilities are wheelchair-accessible, accepting calls sent through Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) for the hearing-impaired, and many other appropriate conveniences. Thoroughly research how to provide needed customer support, and make sure that all employees are well-trained to offer help while remaining sensitive.

A Personal Connection Enhances The Customer Experience

You may not necessarily know every one of your customers personally, but you don’t have to know their names to make them feel like you care. If you’re there when they need you, you convey the message that their satisfaction is uppermost in your mind.

In an era when robotic automation is becoming more common, customers can quickly feel like they’re part of an assembly line. If you want a long-term relationship — and customer referrals — be sure to provide the personal assistance that they crave. This is what accessibility is all about.

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