4 Tips To Save Money – Student Edition

It’s hard, juggling academic pressure, peer pressure, and money at the same time. Just know that you’re not alone. Most students find it hard to stay on a budget and not reach the red numbers at the end of the month. That’s why we have gathered tips to save money as a student. Whether you’re a seasoned student or your first semester ever is coming up. We have 4 tips to spend as little money as possible while still enjoying life to the fullest.

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1. Choose Housing Wisely

So where are you going to live? You’ve outstayed your welcome at your parents and it’s time to go. But how are you going to choose where to live? First of all, where is your university? Because the cost of a room all depends on the place of your university. In capital cities, it is way more expensive than smaller cities. But there are many different choices for studios or flats with roommates. In most cases, a flat with roommates is the cheaper option.

2. Rent Instead Of Buying

Whatever you do, don’t waste money on buying expensive books that you’re only going to use for one semester. Rent them from your school library or the library closest to your campus. This will save you a lot of money. Also, when talking about renting school equipment. Why not rent a laptop? After college life, you’ll receive a laptop from your work if you’re going to need one during a job. As well, why buy an expensive MacBook if you can rent a MacBook.

3. Don’t Eat Out

This is, of course, easier said than done. Eating out is way simpler than cooking yourself. But when you want to save some money. You should limit eating out. Because these costs will add up very quickly and that’s not convenient for your bank account. Still want to go out for dinner? Make sure to eat at places where you can get a severe student discount.

4. Learn How To Cook

Now that we have learned that you shouldn’t eat out. We’re going to tell you what you have to do instead. You should learn how to cook. Cooking really isn’t that hard. There are plenty of easy recipes that you can follow. You can also ask your mom to write out the recipe of your favorite dishes at home, we’re sure she’ll be happy to help. But as well as online recipes, there are over a million recipes to find.

When cooking, it is convenient to make big batches of whatever you’re cooking. This is because you can share with your flatmates and share costs or you can freeze it. So whenever you’re low on money you can easily defrost and reheat it. It will feel like a free meal. Another tip is to go to the supermarket after dinner time. Because they will put discount stickers on them. Not because they’re not fresh, but a new batch will come tomorrow.

This will save you some money over a few months. The last tip relating to food is to head to the supermarket with a full stomach. Otherwise, your hunger will lead to you impulsively buying food. Which is completely unnecessary.

With these tips, you’ll definitely save some money.

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