5 Benefits Of Hiring A Video Production Company

Video advertisements generally shouldn’t be notable for their production quality; the focus should be on the product, service, or brand they’re featuring. If people notice something about a video’s production quality, it’s probably because some obvious flaws are sticking out like a sore thumb. If the average consumer watches an ad and focuses on the message rather than the quality, the video is doing exactly what it was meant to.

This is the goal for any company that wants to produce video ads: to have content that will engage customers and build brand awareness. However, most companies aren’t really equipped to produce this caliber of video.

Video production is a highly specialized task, which is why so many companies use services like Chicago video production company Charter & Co. Video production companies have not only the expertise, but also the resources to create killer videos for all types of marketing campaigns.

So why would anyone not choose a video production company? In most cases, it comes down to cost. On the surface, it just seems cheaper to take care of the job in-house, and save several thousand dollars in the process. However, the cost savings aren’t as great as they seem – and there are several other major advantages to using a video production company’s services.

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1. The Video Will Be Made With Cutting-Edge Equipment And Technology

The average video production company already has all the equipment they need for filming (and producing) top-notch videos. Even if they determine that additional equipment is needed, they’ll know exactly what to rent for the job.

This contributes to cleaner framing and zooming, perfect lighting, and better shots in general. There won’t be any brief moments in which focus is lost, or the shakiness of a hand-held camera. In other words, the video will look like it was done by professionals.

What are the options for a company that wants to produce their own video ad? Aside from the fact that all the equipment will have to be rented, their team members may not even know which equipment to use – or how to use it.

During post-production there’s a high risk of beginner errors being made, causing the video to look clumsy or dated. The quality of the video begins with the quality of the equipment that’s used to make it, which is why many video production companies put so much emphasis on only using the best.

2. The Video Will Be Made With Professional Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things to get right for a video, but it’s also one of the hardest things for amateurs to get right. Why? Partly because the lighting that looks good to the eye won’t look the same on film.

There’s also the fact that you can’t just set up a few lamps and start shooting the video; lighting should be used to set the tone, and that’s a fine art in and of itself. Is the video supposed to be cheery, glamorous, or mysterious? Should the lighting simulate an indoor or outdoor environment? Is it supposed to conceal, reveal, or flatter?

An expert team of video producers will know which angles to use, how much lighting is needed, and a thousand other details. They’ll also know which lighting equipment is needed, including bulbs, stands, filters, and devices that disperse or reflect light.

3. Post-production Will Be Completed With Efficiency

The filming process takes plenty of time, effort, and resources, but the work isn’t over once that’s done – far from it. Post-production takes the raw footage and audio, and puts everything together to make the final product. This is when the style and tone of the video are refined, along with a lot of other details.

The audio is matched to the video, then mixed so that it sounds consistent across earbuds, speakers, and everything in between. Small mistakes (such as a bit of trash being visible in the background) have to be detected and edited out. Transitions, and possibly special effects, have to be added.

The whole process takes some very specialized skills, as well as several different advanced software programs. Can this be done in-house? To a limited extent, yes. There are innumerable video-editing programs available, and almost anything is possible given enough time. That being said, a video production company will be able to complete the process much more quickly, and with a much better end result.

4. The Video Will Be Made With High-Quality Sound

Have you ever paid attention to the sounds in a video advertisement? They aren’t meant to be paid attention to, so ideally they just flowed with the video without being too noticeable. The audio is supposed to compliment and support the video, but in order to do that it essentially has to be perfect. No fuzzy words, no random clangs in the background, and definitely no overly quiet or loud sections.

As with the lighting, getting great audio takes a combination of equipment and skills. A video production company will know how to pick up the right sounds, how to block out the wrong ones, and how to mix everything in post-production so that it sounds exactly the way it should.

5. The Production Company’s Services Free Up Your Time

Given how complicated it is to produce a video, it’s easy to see how an inexperienced team would be out of their depth on such a project. They could probably get through it eventually, but the resulting video may not be that great – and they would have spent far too much time for a sub-par result.

Hire a production company, though, and the process won’t interrupt daily workflows or productivity. Even if they collaborate with the company they’re making the video for, they’ll still be able to work quickly and smoothly.

The Takeaway

Video production companies are a valuable resource for any business that wants to expand their video marketing campaign. Having a video ad produced may not be cheap, but considering how effective a well-produced video can be, it’s almost always worth every penny.

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