Save Time – 5 Reasons To Choose An Airbnb Property Manager In London

London is a city that’s bursting with life. There is so much to do – from eating in great restaurants, going to see West End shows, strolling along the river, or having a pint or two at your favorite bar. But what happens when you live in such a cool city but don’t have time to enjoy it because you’re too busy running your Airbnb? Many Airbnb hosts are choosing Property Management in London to ease their workload when it comes to running a successful vacation rental.

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1. Time To Do The Things You Love

One of the main reasons Airbnb is so popular in London is because travelers come far and wide to enjoy all that the city has to offer – and there really is a smorgasbord of choice. This means that hosts are kept busy liaising online with guests, helping them check-in, as well as giving them tips about places to eat and things to see. Unfortunately, while their guests are enjoying all of London’s charms – hosts can find themselves stuck at home washing sheets, answering emails and updating property profiles for their Airbnb.

It’s estimated that Airbnb hosts can spend up to 40 hours per month running their property – time that could be spent with loved ones or getting out and about in London. Choosing a London property management company is the best way to lighten your Airbnb load and free up time.

2. Make More Money

In a city like London, there is a huge difference between what you can earn if you rent out your property as a long term let – or if you rent it out as a short term let. Unfortunately, most people lead very busy lives and lack the time to set up their rental as an Airbnb – or more importantly, find time to manage the constant stream of guests that are required to make it a profitable option.

If you are time poor, it’s a much more financially viable option to go with an Airbnb property management company than a traditional real estate agent who will charge you high fees for doing very little. Short term rental management companies, in contrast, only charge a small fee – often a percentage of your property’s earnings.

Airbnb management companies are also experts when it comes to price optimization. This means that your Airbnb will be positioned to earn the maximum amount of money possible in any given period of time. There’s also the bonus of having a team who understand how to boost your listing on the platform so that it’s seen by more users.

3. Get Great Reviews

Airbnb is based on a system of reviews. The more favorable reviews you get as a host, the better your chances of attracting new guests will be. How do you get people to write great things about you? Making sure your property meets the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness, accuracy of listing description, photography and guest liaison. That means making sure there are always fresh sheets on the beds, emails get answered within a couple of hours and guests feel nurtured during their stay. Property management companies are specialists when it comes to making sure guests have a great experience. By hiring a company to help you run your Airbnb you will greatly increase your chances of getting good reviews and repeat customers.

4. Reliability And Trust

What happens when you want to go on holiday abroad? Friends and family are great – but can you really trust them to run your Airbnb while you are gone? It’s all very well for your neighbor to give your Airbnb guest the key when they arrive, but what happens if something goes wrong at the property and needs to be fixed while you are away? When you hire a property manager, you are investing in peace of mind that your Airbnb will run smoothly whether you are near or far. Property Managers are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to handling any issues relating to guests and your Airbnb.

5. A Local Expert

If you do decide you need help with your Airbnb, make sure you go with a property manager who is based in London. There are many vacation rental support services out there but you need a company with offices in the same city as you – staffed by professionals who know the Airbnb market in London inside-out. This will not only ensure the best financial positioning of your property but also that your guests are supported by a team who are close by.

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