5 Signs Your Business Should Use Direct Deposit

Part of keeping your employees happy to work for you involves making payments easy. Here are signs your business should use direct deposit. Taking care of your business is a stressful job. Sometimes even if there’s something new on the horizon, it’s hard to implement changes because of the learning curve.

Luckily, when you use direct deposit to pay employees, rather than cutting paper checks every week, you can make the conversion easily. The process is smooth and you’ll be able to cut out problems you’ve had before. Here are some of the signs that it’s time for your company to switch to direct deposit.

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1. Late Payments

If you’ve had a situation at work where your payroll person was sick or had a family emergency, it’s possible you’ve had to scramble to get paychecks out on time. Avoiding late payments is one of the many benefits of direct deposit for businesses. With direct deposits, everything is taken care of early so payments still go through. Even if someone is sick, there is help to guide you through the process and get all the details worked out.

2. Complicated System Solved – Use Direct Deposit

Often when a business doesn’t have a direct deposit yet, there are different payroll systems or processes to worry about. When you switch to direct deposit, there are fewer complicated steps and frustrating hurdles to overcome. The process is streamlined and you’ll enjoy a smoother weekly project every time.

3. You’re Not Green

If you’ve been accused of not being a green company, then this is a great way to show your employees and the public that you’re serious about the environment. With direct deposit, you don’t have checks to cut or pay stubs to print, and all the paperwork is digital.

With a weekly payment schedule, your employees can still find their real check stubs without you having to print them. They can access electronic copies and print them if and when they need them, or download the electronic version.

4. Security Breach

One of the best things about the direct deposit is that it’s a great way to keep payments secure. You can also pay employees no matter where they are located, without having to worry about sending checks in the mail and the associated security problems. Your employees won’t have to worry about losing their checks, and they’ll have access to their money right away on payday.

5. Spending Too Much

The cost of a direct deposit is much cheaper than the cost of printing checks every week for your employees. You’ll pay less in time because your payroll department has more streamlined work processes. You’ll also pay less for paper, ink, and printer maintenance.

While there are some fees associated with direct deposit, they cost less than ordering checks and printing them out each week. You’ll also save your employees money because they won’t have the fees associated with cashing checks. If you’re worried about cutting costs, using direct deposit may be a good way to start.

A Safe, Green Alternative

Use direct deposit to pay your employees – it may be the best decision your business ever made. From eliminating late payments and complicated processes to staying green and keeping the money secure, direct deposit is a great way to bring your business forward. Make the switch today. Did you find this article helpful? Check out the rest of our website for more information!

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