5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business Through Amazon

Selling your items on Amazon is an idea that is promising, but before you jump into this giant marketplace there are few things you need to know. Competitiveness on the marketplace has continued to soar, thanks to a growing seller base, so it looks like a tough time to get your products on Amazon. However, with good products and the right tools, you can still emerge triumphantly on the platform. Here are five things you need to know for success selling on Amazon.

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1. What’s The Buy Box?

Probably you have heard people say you should take advantage of the Buy Box to grow your sales on Amazon, but what exactly is this and how does it work? Basically, when customers are browsing for products on Amazon, they will navigate to the main page of the product and click “offers” below the description to see other sellers. Amazon gives merchants an option to get the magical “Buy Box”, which is a call-to-action box that allows buyers to start purchasing as they browse other products.

This is one of the top seller tools that you can use to get more sales, and it accounts for about 80% of the sales made by Amazon. However, not every seller is able to get this box because there are several factors that affect access to the feature. This includes seller reviews, history of the merchant, and competing for offers. So, to do well here you have to get many positive reviews and also be in a niche where competition is not very high.

2. Fulfillment By Amazon

You also need to understand how Fulfillment by Amazon works. This is a program through which you send merchandise to one of the Amazon fulfillment centers where it’s stocked and after customers have bought it Amazon ships it for you. This arrangement will help you to concentrate on other areas of your business and it gives you quick delivery.

3. Read Policies Before You Start

Amazon is run by a set of rules and policies that every seller must abide by, otherwise, you may get your account flagged or closed. Some of the policies you should read include the following:

  • Selling Policies
  • Prohibited seller activities and actions
  • Product detail page rules
  • Shipping policies
  • Policies and agreements

4. Optimize For Search

Since this is a competitive field where you will likely meet other sellers, you should strive to take all measures that will allow you to sell your products faster. One way to get your products to sell is to optimize for search, which includes writing good titles, descriptions, and information about size and color. This information is used by Amazon to match customer’s search.

5. Raising Reviews Without Getting Flagged

Note that it’s against the policies of Amazon to solicit fake reviews. The only way you should get reviews is from the information satisfied buyers share about your products. This means you should, by all means, strive to provide perfect products and be responsive to any claims by customers. Give shoppers an awesome shopping experience by offering a good price, shipping reliability, and clear information.

Amazon is the biggest online selling platform and this means as a seller you can reap good sales. To get the best out of the site, you should first understand how it operates and some of the strategies you can use to increase chances of your products selling. Observe the guidelines shared here for a good selling experience.

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