5 Things To Consider When Moving A Factory To A New Location

If you are planning to move your factory to another location, you face a few challenges ahead of you. We know how complicated the whole process can get. Relocating a factory is much different than moving a house. When you think of shifting a lot of things to a new destination, it arouses a significant amount of stress inside you. Don’t worry!  There are things to consider that can reduce your stress. In this article, we’ll share a few tips.

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Plan Your Move Early

Without proper planning, nothing will go right. Before moving your factory from one location to another, you need to give yourself as much time as possible. Sometimes, businesses decide to move their plants elsewhere without first assessing the risks involved in the move, and you don’t want to make this mistake. It usually happens when you are not alloted enough time to determine risks and other essential things.

To relocate heavy furniture or similar objects, make sure you proceed with caution. See it as those warehouse relocations or any other significant activities required to be organized and executed by fully dedicated personnel and trustworthy and licensed companies. The more time you have for planning your move, the more likely it is that your factory move will be successful.

Communicate the Intent to Move

Your factory’s relocation to a new location should not come as a surprise to your employees, workers, investors, clients, and authorities.  Create a press release and internal memos related to your company’s intention to move to let everyone know way before the actual date of the move.

In this press release and notices, you must include the new location, address, and the expected date of completion for the relocation in your communications. Moreover, you should also decide and let everyone know whether or not you will be taking the majority of your workers and employees to the new facility. Develop plans and incentives to keep your talented employees with you after the relocation. Lastly, your customers should know how the move is going to impact production timetables.

Create a Layout for the New Facility

Make sure you have precise drawings of your present and envisioned factory. These layouts are going to be essential tools for your contractors and team, so it’s crucial to verify them before planning to move. Manually checking your drawings and designs can also help to bring issues to the surface and is key to a smooth transition. Your layouts should include utility location, column locations, equipment quantities, pits, trenches, aisles, and overhead equipment.

Audit and Document Your Machinery

Review and document the condition of your machinery. In this process, you will find that some equipment isn’t in the state that you expected, and it’s best to make choices about moving, repairing, or abandoning them way in advance before the move.

If you want to make sure that your team uses or works with the right machinery only, you can give a unique asset tag to all the equipment. Keeping track of everything against that tag will allow workers to find the required information, and they can be sure that they are using the right machine.

During the audit, taking photos and documenting the overall condition of your equipment with details such as connection points, will become much easier.  Lastly, you should have all of the manuals, spare parts, maintenance records, and programming data for each machine.

Choose a Reliable Machinery Moving Company

Once you are done with your planning and auditing, it is time to choose a reliable machinery moving service such as A & A Machinery, that will provide you with the warehousing and storage required for storing your machinery and equipment.

You must pick the right company for this step, as you want your machinery to reach the new location safely without any damage. Choosing such a service will allow you to customize a warehousing estimate according to your requirements and time frame. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, such companies will make sure all your equipment is safe and protected.

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