5 Great Tips For Hosting A Corporate Event

Corporate events are famously tricky. Unlike a personal event, where you know everyone for the most part, and can gauge their likes and dislikes, a corporate event throws together people from all walks of life, with differing tastes and expectations. This isn’t to say that throwing a successful corporate event is impossible – in fact far from it – but the fact of the matter is that these events take special care and planning to pull off. For a summer corporate event, start planning right away. These five tips should help you on your way.

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Stick To A Budget

Nothing can derail the planning of an event quite like budget concerns. Don’t take it on faith that this certain caterer will cost this much, and that certain venue will cost that much; start with an approved, realistic budget, and get quotes for absolutely everything. And make concessions along the way, if need be. Perhaps you don’t need that expensive DJ, and can instead make do with a streaming playlist and a sound system, and perhaps you’ll have to limit the number of free drink tokens each person receives – small prices to pay for the overall success of the event.

Plan On Venues Early

Whether you’re in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or any other Canadian city, one thing is constant: desirable venues get snatched up early. To secure the best venue for your budget, start phoning around as soon as possible, and try and remain flexible with your dates.

Take Security Seriously

For large corporate events, definitely consider implementing an ID card system, which will function in a couple different way: firstly, ID cards guarantee that no unwanted outsiders come in and crash your event; and secondly, they act as name tags, which, in a large corporate environment, can be helpful for socializing and networking. The largest – and incidentally the best – ID card distributor here in Canada is Avon Security Products who offer a wide range of ID card systems tailored to the size and budget of your event.

Take And Incorporate Feedback

Next, you’ll be sending invitations, which will pull double duty: they will inform everyone of the event, and they will also serve as a platform for feedback. “Let us know your dietary restrictions” or “What kind of music would you like to hear?”. These small questions and concessions will mean a lot to people, and since it’s difficult to please everyone, especially everyone in a large corporation, this will be of great help to you as well.

Event Follow Up

Thanking your attendees for coming is an important part of event planning, as it reminds them of the event after the fact. If you hope to throw events like this is the future, offer a short survey as part of the follow-up email on how you could improve next time. As mentioned, feedback is the fuel of event planning and will help you make your next event even better.

Summer is on the horizon, and that means it’s time to start seriously planning your next corporate event. With some forethought, budgeting, security, and feedback, you’ll be throwing an event to remember.

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