5 Tips For Throwing A Better Business Event

Business events are a great way to build brand awareness, attract new customer and improve relationships with existing customers. Successful events also generate some buzz about your business. But if you’re a small business owner, the idea of hosting a big event may make you feel overwhelmed. Yes, it will take some planning, but the payoff will make it well worth the effort.

Use these five tips to throw a better business event.

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1. Set A Goal And Scope For T Event

The first step is to set a goal for your event. Are you looking to build brand awareness, or are you hoping to sell-off slow-moving products? Determine the purpose, or goal, of the event before you even start the planning process.

Once you have a goal in mind, you can determine the scope of the event. What will the event entail? Will you have a workshop? Will you have speakers? Will you have entertainment and refreshments?

If this is your first time hosting an event, stick with something that’s easier to manage, like an hour-long workshop. It’s better for the event to be short and sweet than long and drawn-out.

2. Choose The Right Time And Set A Budget

Timing is key with any event. Consider any holidays or community events that might compete with yours. Take into consideration the amount of time attendees will need to plan their attendance, and how much time you will need to plan and prepare. Also, make sure to properly budget your event, for example, laptop rentals, catering, and so forth.

3. Create Your Dream Team

It takes an army to plan and pull together a business event. Decide who you want on your team to help bring your vision and idea to life.

Who will run the event? One person should be in charge of managing the details and delegating tasks for other team members to tackle. Make sure everyone knows their roles and their tasks to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

4. Hire The Right Professionals

Just as you need a team of people to plan an event, you also need professionals to help with the moving parts.

If you plan to have refreshments and entertainment, you’ll need a caterer and an entertainment company. Companies like The Wow Factor offer games and other entertainment options for corporate events.

If your plan is to host a workshop, you’ll need to line up speakers and make sure you have the space to accommodate attendees.

5. Create A Marketing Plan And Generate Buzz

Think of your event as its own little business. You need to spread the word about it if you want people to attend. Create a marketing plan, and start as early as possible.

Depending on the event type, your marketing plan might include email outreach, in-store signage, and direct mail advertisements.

Start generating some buzz about your event. Reach out to the local media and bloggers to cover the event. Generating publicity about the event will help spread the word about your business to those who can’t attend.

Social media can also generate buzz and expand your reach. Keep your followers in the loop about your event, and take advantage of social platforms to spread the word about your event.

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