5 Different Ways To Add Cash Flow To A Business

Every business owner understands the critical role cash flow plays in their company. Without positive cash flow, you can’t conduct operations, pay your staff, settle creditors, or purchase supplies. The business grinds to a halt, and you start to bleed money.

The majority of business failures cite poor cash flow as the reason for shuttering their doors. Here are a few ideas you can implement to ensure that your company maintains a healthy financial state of affairs.

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1. Adjust Your Pricing Strategy

Are you charging enough for your products and services? Review your competitor’s pricing strategy and determine if you offer a market rate that’s consistent with other businesses in your niche.

Some companies believe that if they adjust their prices, they will lose customers. This attitude will cost you revenue.

Customers expect you to increase prices over time; it’s a part of the business environment. Inflation may be at record lows, but closer analysis shows that price inflation is rising. Your suppliers will increase their prices, and you should do so as well.

2. Improve Your Business Efficiencies

Are you using outdated equipment and inventory? If so, replace old, inefficient equipment with new technology.

While this may come at a capital cost, it will increase productivity and outputs in your business. Streamlining your manufacturing or production will allow you to produce more and earn more income.

3. Re-Negotiate With Suppliers

If you’ve dealt with the same suppliers for years, then you have a relationship that they value. Suppliers are competing in the same economy as you, and they understand that they need to remain competitive.

Speak to their management and re-negotiate your position. Think about what 5-percent savings on supplies or the products you sell could do for your company’s cash flow.

4. Evaluate Your Payment System

Are you to lax with chasing up money that customers owe you? Companies will try and hold onto cash for as long as they can. If you don’t chase them, they will probably avoid paying you for as long as possible.

Evaluate your creditors and institute a system that rewards your client for early payment and penalizes them for paying you late. Look into invoice financing to apply for capital you need to keep your business running when cash flow is weak.

5. Boost Marketing And Make More Sales

The best way to increase cash in your business is to earn more sales. Sit down with your marketing team and devise a strategy that boosts your income. Are there new markets that you can penetrate? Could you expand into other business verticals? Where are you leaving money on the table?

The Final Word – Preserve Your Capital

Many business owners spend too much money on things they don’t need. Analyze your expenses and identify areas where you’re bleeding cash. Hire a business consultant to strip your business down to the bare essentials while still maintaining operations. You may be surprised at what they bring to your attention.

Every entrepreneur needs to understand the importance of preserving capital and raising more cash. What can you do today to improve the financial health of your company?

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