5 Ways To Get Quick Cash

In the face of a global health crisis, millions of people worldwide are at risk of losing their job and going without pay for some time. Because of this, it could make the flow of your finances to slow down or halt.

During times like this, it is essential to think of various ways to find and borrow money fast. Below are seven strategies to obtain fast cash today so you won’t find yourself panicking and stressing for fast cash next time around.

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Online Lenders

There are many online lenders available today, and if your credit score is quite good, you can easily apply for a loan online and get approved immediately. However, it can take at least a week for the money to be transferred to your account.

Also, interest rates will likely be higher compared to conventional loans, such as a home equity loan. However, getting a loan from a legitimate company like Nifty loans is much better than having credit card debt because your credit can benefit from installment loans compared to credit card balances.

The following are three loan options you can borrow from an online lender:

  • Personal Loans. This loan can be used in just about anything. Make sure to check the qualifications to determine if you are eligible for the loan or not.
  • Auto Title Loans. You can use the title of your car to obtain an online loan. While repaying the loan, you can keep the full use of the car. The problem is that if you default, your car can be repossessed.
  • Short-term Loans. Many lenders offer instant or same-day loan approval. The repayment terms will depend on your state and lender. However, it could take at least one week.

To find the right loan for you, make sure to check the application and turnaround time, interest rates and fees, and eligibility.


Even though most financial advisors recommend staying away from 401(k) loans, federal law permits workers to loan at least 50 percent of their account balance. After that, borrowers have about five years to repay the loan, which includes an interest rate that is lower compared to other loan options.

However, some disadvantages come with borrowing from a retirement plan. For example, borrowing money from your retirement account implies that you renounce the power of compound interest. Additionally, if you become unemployed, the loan will be due within ninety days.

Credit Card Cash Advances

This type of cash loan can be pulled out from your credit card. Generally, you can get a cash advance by having it transferred to your checking account, withdrawing the money from an ATM, or visiting a bank.

Moreover, the amount of money you can loan is typically a percentage of your credit limit. You repay the debt with a cash advance fee and interest, which are either a percentage or fixed fee of the amount you borrowed.

Credit card cash advances can be an excellent option if you need assistance, covering overhead costs during the pandemic. Furthermore, the minimum payments every month will grant you more flexibility when repaying the loan. Additionally, it has lower interest rates, but you need a credit card with a high credit limit before you can apply.

Friend Or Family Member

The quickest and easiest way to borrow fast cash is through your friends or family. If you do not want to apply for an expensive loan or have a low credit score, this approach is the best option for you. Be sure to prove that you can repay the loan, and both parties agree to the terms of repayment. Otherwise, your relationship with them might be at risk.

Pawn Valuable Items

Before you try pawning items of value, think long and hard about this one. If you have items that are meaningful or valuable (for example, the gold necklace of your mom or the 1950s model train collection of your dad), selling them can help ease your situation today.

However, it is unlikely to get a high price for something valuable when you are desperate to sell it locally or right away. However, depending on the gravity of your situation, this might be the perfect time to sell something of value.

Dig through your basement, attic, and closet for things that might still have some value. It can be one of the following:

  • Coffee maker
  • Juicer
  • Baby clothes
  • Bicycle
  • DVD collection

If you are not using these things anymore, then you can afford to sell it at a lower price if you need fast cash. Post a free advertisement on Facebook or Instagram and indicate that you are selling the items.


These options can aid you in getting the money you need quickly. However, let this pandemic be a lesson to learn. It is wise to plan and build cash emergencies in the future. Try to save money now, little by little, so when emergencies happen, you have the money to deal with it.

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