5 Ways To Start A Home-Based Business In One Week

Many believe that starting your own business takes months but in the world, we live in today, we are all connected and because we have so many tools at our disposal, it is possible to start a home based business in a week.

While this might sound like an impossible challenge, it really is possible because everything is available to you online. So, how can you start a home-based business in a week?

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Use The Auction Sites

Many people choose to run their home-based business from one of the many popular auction sites such as eBay. As long as you have a product that is readily available, all you need to do is create your advert and begin selling your product.

You won’t need to worry about setting up a website or any kind of marketing because it is already there for you.

eBay has an amazing advertising platform that allows you to only pay ad fees when you make a sale, you can have as many visitors to your listings buy only pay when you sell so you never make a loss! You can get instant exposure with eBay using this method.

Try Amazon

In a similar way to eBay, Amazon provides you with the platform you need to reach out to millions of clients. All you would need to do is ensure that you have your products ready to go, including your business and seller details and you can have your business up and running in a week.

You can also easily expand to the 5 European marketplaces in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom and have your items synced onto them. Amazon is, however, a little stricter and requires new products to have UPC/EAN numbers.

If you’re selling handmade goods you can register for Amazon brand registry to get around this.

Word Of Mouth

If you have a lot of friends and family you could even offer your product and service to those who are close to you and then ask them to pass on your details to people they know. This is the simplest kind of business to start but once it begins to grow, you will find that word of mouth really does work well and it gets results.

This is a particularly good option if you want to keep things low-key or want to run a business alongside your full-time job.

Use Social Media

You might have hundreds of friends or followers on social media and so, that is your instant audience. All you need to do is create a couple of posts and post them to your timeline, encouraging people to share and like it.

The next thing you know, your service or product could be seen by thousands of people. Facebook is now known as the free eBay with local Facebay groups popping all over the place, Facebook noticed and they actually have auction/selling based group pages to list items and Facebook Market Place.

You can instantly reach local customers via these channels so go ahead and start promoting! One thing to remember though is don’t spam with too many adverts or you may get blocked and you cannot sell certain goods on Facebook such as tobacco or alcohol you will face a ban for trying to sell such items.

Best check Facebooks policies before listing anything in restricted markets.

Obtain A Loan

If your business is relatively substantial or niche then you will need to obtain the right investment in order to cover the costs of creating a website and promotional materials or even products from wholesalers all of which can help to stock and publicize your business then get it off the ground.

You will more than likely need to pay people to handle website designs for you and that is what makes a loan such a useful option.

You can borrow as much as you need within reason and then put that towards starting your business within a week. As a loan can be obtained quickly, it will mean that you can get into action as soon as possible. You can get short-term loans from Loanski Once you have the investment in place, you can then spend it on whatever your business might require.

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