5 Ways To Transfer Money To Someone Who Lives In India

These days, more people are working remotely. Many people also live overseas, away from their families. Many of them live in India. As a result, it’s important to know there are many different ways to send them money. These are the best ways you can transfer money to someone who lives in India.

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PayPal is a well-known online option for quickly sending and receiving money. It allows you to send money to your clients, family members, or friends in India by transferring funds from your account to theirs without having to use your bank account or credit card.

Transferring money is fast, easy, and secure. You are also not responsible for paying any fees when sending money to people in India. The recipient may be required to cover a fee, but it should be a small one. PayPal can also easily be accessed right from your mobile device, which means you can transfer money to someone living in India right from your smartphone.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the most recognized names for transferring money to others. It’s very popular and has been around for many years. Its convenience and quickness are a testament to its longevity. If you need to transfer money to India residents, Western Union is one of the best, easiest and dependable ways to do so. There are also many branches in multiple countries, further attesting to its popularity.

Whether you are looking to send money to a family member in need or are paying someone who performed a business service for you, Western Union is a good option. At the same time, in some situations, it might take as long as a week for the recipient to receive their money. There are also fees for which the sender and receiver are responsible.

International Bank Transfers

Another option for transferring money to someone in India is through an international bank transfer. You can do this either online or right in person by going into your bank to send money overseas. However, with the current climate, it may be more preferable to perform an international bank transfer online through your bank’s official website or right from the app if it allows you to do that.


TransferWise is a great way to send money to someone in India when they need funds. It’s a favorably rated service that allows you to transfer money online or through an app right at your fingertips. Registration is quick and easy and can be done with your email address or simply by connecting your Facebook or Google account. You are shown a list of fees and exchange rates and can send up to a maximum of $1 million. However, you are responsible for paying a transfer fee with TransferWise. The funds you send to India can also take as long as a week or even longer.

Online Bank Account Transfer

An online bank account transfer is also known as Automated Clearing House or ACH. It’s another good option for sending money to someone in India. This method allows you to transfer money between your bank and that of your recipient without having to use paper checks. All you need to do is have a legitimate bank account and have it verified to begin transferring money to India. However, there is some amount of risk to this method, so you are advised to only send small amounts of money. The funds reach your recipient quickly, within only three or four days.

These are the five best ways to transfer money to a recipient in India. Whether you have a needy friend or family member or are paying someone for doing professional work for you, it’s easy to find the one option that works the best for you.

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