6 Different Types Of Modern Business Cards

Part of what makes a business successful is the ability to be recognized. This is the reason business owners work hard to make sure their customers learn about them and remember them. One thing many companies invest in is business cards. The following are examples of the most exciting types of business cards you can consider.

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1. A Puzzle Card

One of the most interesting business cards available is the one you have to assemble. We know companies are trying to find a way to stand out, and one way this could be done is by making sure the business card stands out. This type of card is definitely unique and would stay in the memories of people you give it to.

The company offers the card to potential customers, who have to put the card together. The design will remind customers of puzzles because that is technically what they are. When the puzzle is complete, the business card is usually designed to resemble something related to the company. For example, a dealership might want their cards to look like a car when it is complete.

2. UV Spotted Cards

Company owners who wish to certain parts of their business cards to really pop should consider spot UV business cards. The card maker is going to apply UV to certain spots around the business card indicated by the business, and it will create an effect that is special among other business cards.

The letters, images, and the message pop out of the card. It resembles what we see when watching a 3D image, except that it’s not an optical illusion. The spot UV part of the card feels different from the rest of the card, creating a unique experience, and that makes any company’s card stand out.

3. The Mixed Art Card

A mixed art business card is another attractive card to consider. This one allows the business company or the business card designer to create something that borrows elements from mixed art pieces and uses them to create a unique design. Some companies have taken this concept and created different kinds of business cards.

A hairstylist took this idea and designed a business card with the outline of a person’s head with bobby pins that represented the figure’s hair. You can see how memorable this concept is and how it relates to the business. We also see how versatile this design is, which is a part of what makes it such a popular option.

4. The Functional Card

Another kind of business card that is really catching on is the functional business card. This business card can double as something else while still informing potential customers about what the company does and how to contact the company.

The functionality of the card should always be linked to the business, and this part does require some forethought and creativity. For example, a landscaping business could create a business card that is a pouch containing seeds for a plant that grows easily in the region. A beverage or bar company could create a business card with an integrated bottle opener.

5. Beyond The Card

There are some companies out there that are thinking a little beyond the card as a way to catch people’s attention. Today’s printing technology has advanced so much that images and letters can be printed on virtually any surface, which is what some businesses are counting on.

For example, a laundromat or a cleaning service company can print their contact information on a simple clothespin. It easy to see how both of these are linked, and it definitely makes the business card much more memorable.

A party business or a health clinic with lung specialists could print information on balloons. A tech company can print information on a fully functioning memory card stick, which is something most people won’t toss out.

6. A Surprise Card

Perhaps one of the most surprising types of cards out there are the edible cards. Yes, there are entirely edible business cards, and that could be very exciting for potential clients. It is easy to think that a business card like this one would only be beneficial to people in the food industry like candy-makers or restaurateurs, but all sorts of companies could use this type of card.

If a security company wants to promote its high-tech security services, they definitely can. They can inscribe a message on the card saying this card must be destroyed through consumption, which could make customers think they are spies getting rid of evidence.

These are just some types of business cards out there, but there are many more. Talk to a card-making company to help you figure out what is out there and how it could work for your business. Try to keep in mind that the goal is to be creative but also to ensure that the connection between the design and your business is clear.

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