6 Fun Ways Of Recognizing Excellence During The Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, everyone in the world has had to adjust to a new way of life. It has not been easy or stress-free, but everyone has managed to make the necessary changes to adjust accordingly to a new way of the life. The changes included but are not limited to attending work or school on zoom, spending more time indoors while quarantining with family, and limiting trips to stores for essential items.

Although working at home can be stressful, there are ways that companies can acknowledge your employees and give them a sense of efficacy within the company. Below are 6 ways you can appreciate the hard work of your employees that have been diligently working during the pandemic.

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1. Staff Appreciation Party

Who doesn’t love a staff appreciation party? Whether the party is in the office or on zoom, everyone will be appreciated and enjoy the fun. You could look at creative ways to execute the party on zoom. You could have a sip and paint party on zoom.

You could pre-order all of the necessary items for each employee and send it to their homes or it can take place in an office with the appropriate social distancing measures in place. You could also just have everyone grab a glass of their favorite drink and participate in Karaoke over zoom. Either way, you are bound to have a great time at the staff appreciation party.

2. Lunch On The Bosses

Sometimes a free lunch can brighten up someone’s day. If you see that one of your employees on your team is working above and beyond for the day, you can provide lunch for that individual. Sometimes going above and beyond means looking at someone who arrives to work on-time, completes all tasks associated with their position, and is always prepared for meetings. You may even want to go to lunch with this employee to personally thank them.

Depending on the circumstance, you may be restricted to dine in restaurants, so take-out is always an option. Your employee will appreciate the effort on your end and will feel motivated to continue working hard.

3. Awards And Shout-Outs

Awards and shout-outs are always acceptable as gifts to employees that are exceptional in the workplace. The awards and shout-outs can also be given from the administration to employees and between employees. You can also order crystal awards that are symbolic of achievement in the company. These awards will be viewed as honorable and will be highly desired by future employees.

4. Grab A Cup Of Coffee On Me

A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away or it keeps the energy levels high during the workday. A cup of coffee from the bosses is a thoughtful action of appreciation. Whether its coffee delivered to the office or an e-gift card from Starbucks, you can still enjoy your cup of coffee in the office or in the comfort of your home.

5. Customized Office Items

A customized pen, paperweight, or name badge are gift items that would be highly appreciated among workers that are always working with paperwork in the office. Now that people have set up offices at home, these gifts can be used in the workplace office and in a home office. Maybe you want to give your employees non-office-related gifts, you could consider giving coffee mugs or a pair of socks. Every gift will be cherished ad every employee will feel that the gift was made specifically for them especially if it is customized.

6. Paid Time Off

It’s understandable that every company may not have the budget to give their high achieving employees some paid time off, but if this is possible, this would be the ultimate gift to an employee who is outstanding in each area of their job. Even though paid time off does not look the same during this time, paid time off is always a hot commodity in the workplace. Now it holds even more significance because most employees may just want that time to spend with their family in quarantine without worrying about their daily goals at work.

Whether you decide to give one of the gifts above or all of them, your employees will appreciate you and be forever grateful for the acknowledgment during this time. The pandemic has changed a lot of things, but respect and appreciation of your employees should not be among those things. By creating an environment of support and attention to every employee, this is key to maintaining a healthy work environment.

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