6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Office In London

If you’re looking to create the perfect office in London, you have to decide where you want this office to be – and what it should look like. Here are some considerations.

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What Kind Of Business Is It?

When it’s time to find an office, different areas suit different kinds of business. For those in financial fields, the optimal areas are the City of London and Canary Wharf. Firms centred on technology should be in East London – with creative hubs in Liverpool Street and Shoreditch. Retailers, particularly fashion brands, gravitate to the West End – most notably Covent Garden and Soho.

Keep Finance Flexible

Cash is always king. Tying up capital in a customary office lease might be burdening your finances unnecessarily. These days, there are hybrid and flexible arrangements that might make your dream office cheaper than you imagined. It’s even possible to escape large deposits.

How Will People Get There?

When selecting a location, you have to bear transport links in mind. You want an area that all your staff can travel to – be it by car, bike or train. Check this before putting down a deposit.

Get The Amenities Right

Choosing office amenities depends on the culture you want to encourage. Is your primary aim to foster collaboration or ensure that your employees are healthy? You can choose from breakout spaces, collaborative working spaces, gym and shower rooms, a kitchen and cafe, meeting rooms and a roof terrace.

Let There Be Light

There has been research indicating that access to natural light is the most important attribute of a workplace – without it, employees are less happy. And there is a greater focus today on mental health at work.

One study found that workers exposed to natural light sleep longer and better than those who aren’t. Another found that more exposure to natural light led to an 84% fall in such common complaints as blurred vision, eye strain and headaches – less sick days were taken as a consequence.

Having more vitamin D as a result of exposure to sunlight makes people feel happier, leading to higher productivity. Getting light from the sun rather than artificial sources also cuts costs, which can be critical for a small business or start-up where profit margins are extremely tight.

The amount of natural light people get boils down to your office design and layout. You can get professional help with these.

Don’t Forget The Furniture?

All too often, when people have the chance to build a brand HQ that the entire team will be proud of, they create a workspace that looks just like everybody else’s. So there are bland tables, standard computer chairs and run-of-the-mill toilets.

The solution is to have design-led office furniture. An entire room can be set off by only a few key pieces. Whatever folk say, appearances matter. In this case, it’s to potential and existing clients and employees – and studies have shown people make up their minds in seven seconds. It’s design-led furniture that’ll draw the eye and impress any visitors while creating a positive atmosphere for your team as they carry out their day-to-day tasks.

This is how to create an environment that’s unique to your firm – and one that cultivates loyalty.

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