7 Ways To Radically Increase Conversions On Your Site

The new arena of marketing and sales exists in the virtual – the online – world. And inside of that world is a furious competition among an uncountable number of commercial forces who are each casting out wide nets to attract the greatest amount of people to their platform. Conversions are part of that marketing and sales process in that they are a tactic to get your customer to do what you want them to do once they’ve landed on your website.

In the grand scheme of attracting customers, it might be useful to characterize the level of their involvement according to three different tiers: impressions, engagement, and conversions. An impression is at the lowest level of involvement, it is measured by users who don’t even need to click on your content by merely seeing it in passing. Meanwhile, engagement commonly refers to comments and likes which indicate that the user has a strong feeling towards the content.

Finally, a conversion usually involves the user making some sort of purchase like a subscription to a news service or for the delivery of a t-shirt and similar items. Getting people to spend their money can be said to occupy the highest tier of involvement. Here are tricks and methods that marketers frequently employ to promote conversions on a site.

1. Leverage Visual Content

Did you know that 73% of visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a well-placed video that explains it? In contrast, nothing turns visitors off more than a singular wall of text – it’s frankly an inaccessible and obsolete way to deliver meaningful content since most modern readers are briefly browsing and skimming while they are on the Internet. Visual content not only breathes life into your content, it also allows readers to understand your message with greater speed and clarity. For sites that want to appeal to the experience that their services can offer a client – such as those specializing in weddings or luxurious getaways – visual demonstrations and cues interspersed with text can have a potent effect.

2. Get Rid Of Distracting Popups

Adding things that help explain your site can positively benefit conversions. However, if your site implements things like forced overlays, pop ups, videos that start without the user’s permission, and invasive chat boxes, you may be driving away more users than you are attracting with those extraneous features. Knowing the difference between good and bad popup forms is absolutely critical.

3. Get Rid Of Field Clutter In Your Forms

[pullquote]It’s pretty intuitive that people want to avoid wasting time clicking around on fields and filling out information.[/pullquote] They don’t want to feel like they’re at the DMV filling out forms when they’re trying to purchase a product or sign up for a service on your site.

Did you know that reducing the number of available forms fields actually increased conversions by 11% per the results of an A/B test?

Cut down on the number of fields you have and you’ll increase the number of people willing to sign up or follow other conversion objectives as well.

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4. Include A Guarantee

When it comes to new products or services people are naturally risk averse. In fact, risk averseness is a well-studied and commonly observed trait as it pertains to the purchasing behavior of online consumers. Therefore, in order to prevent customers from acting on their fears and not giving the product a chance out of their fear that they’ll pay for an undesirable product and not be able to reclaim their money, it’s important for you to include a clear money back guarantee.

5. Place Action-Oriented Verbs In Your Content

You would think that increasing the number of action-related verbs in comparison to passive “to be” verbs wouldn’t really have an impact on people’s actions. But the opposite is true. In fact, research shows that increasing the number of these types of action verbs functions as signals that influence customer behavior.

6. Write Impactful And Sensible Headlines

The thing that visitors will immediately see when they land on your site usually will consist of the information that is bigger and bolded – your headline. A well-written and thoughtful headline was shown to have increased conversion rates by 30 percent for the site Highrise in a live test.

7. Mobilize Audiences With A Strong Call-To-Action (CTA)

An effective call-to-action functions like a stronger and more explicit version action-oriented verb in their influence. Call-to-actions direct users heavily towards a certain behavior: “A call to action is a clear statement – usually at the end of a piece of content – that directly and simply tells the reader what you want them to do next.” Having appropriate, structured calls-to-action, as seen on credit repairs’ site is essential for creating a successful conversion flow organization for your site.

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7 Ways To Radically Increase Conversions On Your Site

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