7 Ways Professional Concrete Contractors Minimize Risk Of Injury

Whether your concrete project is a small residential job or a large commercial task, you should always hire a professional concrete cutting contractor to fulfill your needs. This is because concrete related work can require skill, professionalism, and the right tools.

In the wrong hands, concrete work can be risky. It can lead to damaged property or serious injury. Professional concrete contractors take several precautions to minimize their occupational hazards. These are a few ways they maintain their safety.

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1. They Use Protective Gear

This will seem obvious, but professional contractors use the best safety equipment to protect themselves. This can include overalls with long sleeves and long pants, hard hats, safety goggles, protective gloves, steel toe waterproof boots, and more.

2. They Are Highly Trained

Concrete contractors work with a variety of powerful and heavy tools such as jackhammers, saws, demolition tools, excavators, bobcats skid-steers loaders and more. Used incorrectly, these tools can hurt property and people. For example, at the wrong angle, a concrete saw can result in potentially fatal pushback. Thankfully, professional contractors are trained to use these tools safely.

3. They Stay Ventilated

Some machines can emit carbon monoxide and other harmful elements. When working with them, contractors stay ventilated to minimize the impact of toxic fumes. Fortunately, many modern machines and tools are electric and fumeless. This allows contractors to work with them indoors safely.

4. They Avoid Harmful Cement Dust

Cutting concrete results in a harmful by-product called crystalline silica. It can irritate the eyes, nose, and skin. When breathed in for prolonged periods, this dust can result in serious breathing issues, and sometimes even lung cancer.

With the right precautions, workers minimize their exposure to such elements. Aside from using safety equipment like respirators, contractors will immediately wash off silica if exposed to it.

5. They Work In Teams

There are several reasons why several contractors work together on a single job. One of them is safety. In the unlikely event of an accident, a team member can quickly aid their partner.

6. They Use The Latest Technology

The best professionals rely on technological advancements to minimize occupational hazards. For example, some concrete contractors use the latest ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment to scan the concrete ground for buried obstructions such as rebar, tension cables, pipes, cables and more before starting work.

There Are Many Advantages To Using Such Tools:

  • Contractors can avoid damaging integral parts of the property.
  • Contractors minimize risks of injury from electrocution and poisonous gas by knowing where to drill.
  • Such technology is safer than radiography, which uses radiation.

7. They Pay Attention To Maintenance

Professional contractors know that modern tools and machinery require maintenance to perform at an optimal level. Regular upkeep not only lowers the repair cost of these expensive items, but it helps avoid glitches that can lead to injuries.

These only some of the ways concrete contractors make safety a priority. Ignoring precautions can be hazardous to their health and compromise their work. Regardless of the scale of your project, always hire a reputable contractor with decades of experience and strong safety policies.

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