Advertising Perception: We Know When Ads Are Inaccurate [Infographic]

We all know the old saying that ‘perception is reality,’ but it doesn’t apply to everything. For example, when it comes to advertising perception, we all know it’s not always reality. When we see that big, juicy perfect burger on the television screen, we know the real one isn’t going to look like that. You can see some hilarious pictures that illustrate the difference on Advertised Fast Food Compared To The Real Deal. This also applies to online advertising and really any type of advertising.

The advertising perception is that it’s just not reality. Could this be the reason why we are so turned off by ads? If the advertising perception is so different than reality, that could explain why we just view ads as ‘noise,’ and we want to eliminate them from our daily experience. That could be why so many online marketers are ditching traditional Internet ads and shifting to content marketing and social media engagement.

This infographic by Lab42 called Does It Really Ad Up? goes into this in more detail. Simply put, whether it’s a woman whose body has been Photoshopped, exaggerated claims or just plain inaccurate information, we are smart enough to know when an ad is fluffed up and untrue.

Not only that, but ads tend to stereotype people too. I mean, not all men are sports-obsessed, idiotic womanizers. All women aren’t shopping-obsessed or family-oriented. Will that shampoo really make your hair that shiny, or will that bathroom cleaner really make your bathtub that white?

The weight loss television commercials are the ones that always stick out in my mind. Sometimes they make ridiculous statements like, “Take two of these pills twice a day and don’t change anything else, and you’ll lose five pounds a week.” I’m sure there are a lot of people who have learned the hard way that those don’t work. Note to advertisers: We can see through those slimy tactics. Realize that consumers these days are smart and informed, and create ads with that in mind. Then we may believe you, buy your products and respect your brand.

Advertising Perception: We Are Smarter Than Some Advertisers Think

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