Advice On Getting Your Company’s First Office [Infographic]

Getting your companies first office can very exciting. It means your business is growing and you’re in a position to begin thinking about investing in an office space. This is a very big step for your business, therefore, you need to be sure you find the best office for your employees and business. Make sure you look at all possible commercial properties available on Buy Rent Commercial, as there are a range of commercial properties for you to choose from.

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Choose A Location

Location is everything. You need to find the perfect location which complements both your business and your employees. Make sure the office space is easily accessible, therefore, your staff will easily be able to get to and from work.

Look for an office space which is accessible via a number of different modes of transport. This is because not all people are able to drive. However, most people do live near bus stops and train stations. This means there is no excuse why they cannot get into work.

Leave Room To Grow

When it comes to finding your first office, make sure you leave some room free. This will enable to stay in that particular office for longer, allowing your workforce to grow whilst in that particular office.

What’s Nearby

Do you plan to go on lunch meetings and coffees with clients? If so, you need to make sure your office is near a high-street. Your workforce will also appreciate having the ability to go out for lunch or quickly go to the shops to buy some food. Always make sure to check out the location which your office will be situated. This will ensure it’s located in a prime location to impress employees, interviewees, and clients.

Have A Strict Budget

Once you’ve found the perfect location, make sure to have a strict budget in mind. Be sure not to choose an office that’s going to put your business too far in debt, stunting its growth. Make sure you have the numbers set before you begin looking for a commercial property.

Make sure to account for all the details from technology, internet, office supplies, etc. You should also include the total income you want, marketing budget and so on. Once you have a list of all expenses, you can determine your budget for an office space.

Don’t Do It Alone

Lastly, make sure you don’t do it alone! Be sure to have a mentor when looking for your first office space. They can guide you through this process, giving you pointers and guidance to ensure you successfully buy the best property on the market. Look for a mentor with a good track record when setting up start-up businesses.

Your Company’s First Office – Conclusion

Although finding your first office space is very exciting, make sure you’ve done all the necessary homework. Finding the best commercial property for your business is crucial to growing as a company and achieving the businesses overall goal.

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