AI-Powered HACCP Plan vs Consultant

If you are planning to kick start your own food business, then it is relevant to be familiar with all the pertinent documents that are required to be dealt with. Your food business might be in the form of a restaurant, canteen, shop, bakery, café, but it all warrants precise documentation and a HACCP plan.

FoodDocs’ HACCP system is highly compatible with small and medium companies that have helped them to grow their businesses significantly. Any food operator is supposed to be operating according to a compliant HACCP plan. This plan determines the food safety hazards and further ensures that the food is being produced under ideal conditions.

These food safety standards are imperative in the food chain since they tend to provide assurance to the customers and also address their food security needs. These safety standards play a dominant role in gaining the trust of the customers, especially in challenging times.

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What Is HACCP Plan, And Why Is It required?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, and it is a prescribed management that has to do with indispensable food safety. A predominant process control system is specifically developed for the purpose of identifying and preventing pervasive hazards or microbial threats in food production. Furthermore, it is a vital system that keeps the food chain secured and free from certain hazards that debilitate the quality of food chains.

Now, there is an emerging debate that has caught the significant attention of the masses whether an AI-powered HACCP Plan is more efficient to be incorporated or stick to a consultant instead. The idea has been highly debated and continues to be at the center of attraction for most food operators.

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Food Safety Programs To Propel Your Business

HACCP Plan consists of certain steps to fulfill the overall motive of the food safety program. These steps are specifically and carefully designed to avert the problems before they even pose a significant threat to the food chain. The system proactively corrects and streamlines the deviations that occur in the program. Such control systems are being hailed as the scientific authorities or international organizations. The ingrained process of documentation along with verification ensures an enriched quality of food production with precise safety means.

Easy To Set Up

FoodDocs features an unprecedented HACCP builder that helps the users to create a HACCP plan in a short time. It barely takes an hour to come up with a plan that is amply compatible with the needs of the clients. FoodDocs facilitates its customers with seamless service and proactive execution.

Below mentioned are some of the parameters that FoodDocs explores widely:

  • It helps its customers to successfully pass food inspection
  • All the legal requirements fulfilled with precision
  • Food safety consultants are no longer required
  • Time is used efficiently, and customers can easily run errands without worrying
  • HACCP complications are made unsophisticated

AI-powered HACCP plan builder has defied all odds by assisting users in a plethora of ways that don’t require them to hire any food consultants whatsoever. Furthermore, HACCP builder is proactive enough to surpass any consultant since it is 500x faster and formulates effective decisions. The AI-powered FoodDocs planner consists of four pivotal steps that help a customer to build a HACCP plan within an hour.

  • Step 1: Customers set up their accounts
  • Step 2: HACCP flow chart is either developed or uploaded
  • Step 3: Location plan along with a robust layout
  • Step 4: Your HACCP plan is ready

These steps are extremely convenient as compared to the food consultants as the users can get their queries and problems resolved easily. It takes less time considerably, and the steps to build a compatible plan are relatively seamless with FoodDocs.

Economical Pricing Of FoodDocs

As far as the price is concerned, FoodDocs HACCP is considered the most economical planner, which is 15x cheaper than the previous system. The AI-powered planner reduces the cost significantly and works in tandem with the subtle requirements of the customers. You can also download as well as change your respective HACCP content conveniently without any hassle. FoodDocs covers each aspect of the food safety standards quite impeccably regardless of being a local or international business.

It seamlessly covers below mentioned predominant food safety standards:

  • FSSC
  • BRC
  • IFS

Set Of Information Required To Get Going

The digital system in place only requires the information pertinent to your profile in an attempt to finish composing the required document. Such information includes the type of your business that you operate, different raw materials that your business usually requires, the different varieties of food that you intend to sell, etc. The software of FoodDocs collects this vital information pertaining to your business and creates robust documentation. It also addresses the intricate information that is usually not easy to deal with. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Flow Diagrams
  • Hazards Assessment
  • Monitoring Sheets

FoodDocs also offer varied built-in solutions that make the task even more simplistic and unsophisticated. It helps to create various plans that are effective enough and have proved to be of utmost help for the customers. These plans are:

  • Waste Plan
  • Premises Plan
  • Water and Sewerage Plans

Traditional Approach Has To Be Scrapped

The methods adopted by the AI-powered HACCP builder works 500x faster and easily surpass the traditional system, which was predominantly paper-based. Now, consultants charge you relatively higher, and it takes significantly longer if you tend to stick to a paper-based system. Food safety consultants can apply changes to your HACCP Plan, but that paves the way for additional costs that no one wants to incur.

Whereas, in the case of the digital HACCP system, you get advanced access to making desired changes yourself at any time of the day. All it takes is just two clicks, and your system hops back to a new version of itself.

For instance, Sam wants to begin a food delivery system, so all he has to do in this case is just log in to his account and make an addition to the profile. He will add the process of “Food Delivery” into his profile and thereby move on to making required amendments. The software will keep him informed if he has new critical control points. This is as simple as it sounds, and customers have flocked to this new system because of its simplicity.

The Verdict

In all fairness, it is quite evident, and needless to say, that AI-Powered HACCP Plan entails a plethora of benefits that are availed by the customers in real-time. The Digital system of FoodDocs has developed an impertinent app that favors the HACCP plan with an easy approach. The app monitors the tasks and subsequently sends reminders to users and employees, which saves a lot of time. Whereas, in the case of consultants, it turns into a time-consuming process that certainly needs to be avoided in order to provide an impetus to the business.

We all are amply acquainted with AI, and it is indeed a disruptive force in today’s scenario as far as employment and manual jobs are concerned. But, it has also propelled businesses across the world quite radically. Developing a practical HACCP Plan couldn’t have been easier than what FoodDocs has already showcased. Customers are leveraging the seamless experience from the platform and have generated promising results.

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