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Cryptocurrency trading comprises buying and selling cryptocurrencies for a profit. Like traditional currencies have a foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies have their digital currency transfer where users may swap coins (forex). Unlike conventional stock exchanges, which close at the end of the day, cryptocurrency trading is open 24 hours a day. AltFINS is a trading platform that makes it simple for crypto traders to identify and execute effective trading methods across several exchanges.

Project altFINS was born out of frustration with the absence of high-quality tools for generating trading ideas, creating alerts, executing trading strategies, and tracking portfolio performance across exchanges. Their group decided to fill that hole. They construct a comprehensive yet straightforward platform that allows for coin screening and analysis and trade execution across businesses, combining classic technical analysis and alternative on-chain data. The combination of trade idea discovery and trade execution in the crypto trading market is genuinely unique.

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Features Of altFINS trading platform

AltFINS has launched the TA Education product bundle! So what does the bundle provide? It contains all the recorded webinars. Users can avail those webinars to know more about trading. After getting to know that users are more interested in learning trading strategies, they trained users with technical analysis and cryptocurrency trading tactics.

Although the altFINS platform has a lot of tools, indicators, and signal kinds, it might be intimidating for new traders and investors. As a result, they have put together ten webinar series to show users how to get the most of the platform’s features.

Richard Fetyko, the CEO and Founder of altFINS, is hosting the webinar series (LinkedIn). People may have seen him in one of their trade videos on YouTube. Instead of tedious theory, they concentrate on real-world applications using real-world trade cases. You can find a link to their syllabus. They go through the basics of RSI, MACD, SMA/EMA, and other indicators. However, they worked so much of their time putting these principles and altFINS’ platform to the greatest possible use.

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What Else Does altFINS Provide?

They have a custom screen to look for altcoins in uptrends, EMA crossings, momentum swings, oversold or overbought conditions, pullbacks to support levels, resistance breakouts, chart patterns, and more. You’ll be able to reproduce the procedures and locate appealing risk/reward transactions on your own after each webinar.

altFINS trading platform encourages you to join them if you want to learn and prepare to invest in yourself.

What Does The altFINS TA Education Webinar Series Teach?

An outline of the altFINS TA Education webinar series has ten videos.

  1. Foundation of TA.
  2. Strategy: Trading moving average crossovers.
  3. Strategy: Pullback in Up (Down) Trend.
  4. Strategy: Momentum & Uptrend.
  5. Strategy: Oversold at Support (Overbought at Resistance).
  6. Strategy: Trading ranges.
  7. Strategy: Trading key levels (breakouts and approaches).
  8. Strategy: Trading chart patterns.
  9. Risk management.
  10. Margin account trading & Short selling.

Who Can Take Up The altFINS Education Program?

This program is ideal for those who

  • Are a novice or beginning trader wishing to get started with crypto trading;
  • Wants to study and apply basic technical analysis ideas.
  • Wants to use altFINS’ platform to discover appealing risk/reward trades.

altFINS is not for those you’re seeking for day trading, arbitrage, or scalping strategies, or a “get rich quick” scam, or if you’re not ready to invest time and money in the study, this offer isn’t for you.

altFINS’s Knowledge Base

AltFINS’s comprehensive knowledge library has clear explanations, practical examples, and training videos to assist you in utilising all of the primary and sophisticated capabilities, allowing you to become a successful trader.

Its knowledge base is divided into parts that correlate to the primary components of the platform:

  • Dashboard
  • Summary of Signals – a summary of pre-defined and custom filters (i.e., signals).
  • Screener – use a mix of technical indicators to screen hundreds of crypto assets.
  • Patterns – look for assets with repeatable price patterns to trade. (rising wedge, head-n-shoulders, etc.)
  • Keep track of your favourite crypto assets with a watchlist.
  • Notifications – create alerts for your customised displays.
  • Crypto project teams’ tweets on Twitter.
  • Portfolio – keep track of your portfolio’s performance, open orders, and transaction history across several exchanges.
  • Trade – buy and sell cryptocurrency on numerous exchanges.

It also elaborates on a few other crucial ideas:

  • Data structure – 18 leading crypto exchanges provide a unique capacity to dig down from Coin level aggregations to Pair level granular data.
  • Security – we’re dedicated to keeping our platform safe, including your exchange API keys.
  • Technical indicators – a complete overview of frequently used technical indicators (SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, OBV, and so on) as well as trading techniques for crypto assets.

How Do altFINS Analyze Coins?

Internal team of analysts update every day  the price analysis of 40 coins (by market cap). These are called Curated charts and consists of analysis: Theta (THETA) Analysis, Litecoin (LTC) Analysis, Polkadot (DOT) Analysis, Cardano (ADA) Analysis, Ripple (XRP) Analysis, Solana (SOL) Analysis, ChainLink (LINK) Analysis, Polygon (MATIC) Analysis and Filecoin (FIL) Analysis and more.

Is It A Brilliant Idea To Acquire Coins At Their All-time High (Ath)?

Users want the most terrific deal, and buying near an all-time high (ATH) doesn’t feel like getting a good deal. When a coin reaches a new high, most investors become concerned. The features of altFINS include automatic Pattern identification. They have sixteen trading patterns with price goals. It has hundreds of pre-installed coin filters, and signals are programmed. These coins have screeners to filter by using technical and fundamental indicators.

They manage a portfolio to track your currencies and performance on several exchanges. You get alerts of price, event, news, and coin filtering. It also features thousands of coins. It provides an instant trading option. With unified order management, you can trade across various businesses.

So, what are you looking for? Start your cryptocurrency trading with altFINS smartly when you have all at one platform of altFINS.

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