How To Select A Perfect Automated Forex Trading Strategy?

Automated Forex Trading comprises the usage of a computer software for trading foreign currencies in the Forex market which relies on an inbuilt algorithm. It assists the software in deciding whether to buy or sell a particular pair of currency at a given moment of time without requiring manual intervention.

The answer to the question whether automated forex trading works or not depends on the automated forex trading strategy selected by the trader. Making a right choice here is pretty important as the strategy is a pivotal key to whether gains will be made or not. You can head to and have a look at some of the best-automated forex trading strategies that certainly work.

Early automated forex trading systems have an inbuilt algorithm which is static in nature and a trader cannot alter the algorithm code in accordance with the forex market conditions. However, nowadays a bulk of the automated forex trading systems come with a customizable algorithm. Hence, an experienced trader with ample knowledge of the forex market and coding knowledge can modify the algorithm code whenever the need for the same is felt.

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Even some of the forex robots are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which means they can learn from the events occurring in the market and change their actions accordingly. Check out some of the best forex trading robots at

If you are one of those investors who is still struggling whether to press the button to automated forex trading when you are not in front of your PC or stick to manual trading. It is time for you to go through the following two key points that will assist you in selecting the right automated forex trading strategy.

Chief Elements To Help You Select The Perfect Automated Forex Trading Strategy

1. How is a Particular Strategy Described?

The description associated with an automated forex trading strategy holds a plenitude of vital information. In fact, the description must be a primary thing you should consider before trying any automated forex trading strategies. The description will tell you two important things. Firstly, you will get to know the logic that is working behind the strategy. Secondly, you will familiarize yourself with the market conditions for which this or that particular automated strategy is constructed.

2. The Ten Trades Formula

If you are unsure about some automated forex trading strategy, you can workout at least ten trades applying the same forex trading strategy. Based on the results of ten trades that you have conducted using the same strategy, it can be easily concluded whether the average profit is greater than the average loss. If the average profit is substantially more, then go ahead with the strategy. However, please, remember that you need to have adequate knowledge of the market conditions under which the strategy is working. Here comes into the play the above-mentioned first point.

Please note that if you are just starting out in forex trading, instead of ten times, you can apply the same forex trading strategy five times so that the associated risk is minimized.


We expect that the above-mentioned primary points will help you in choosing the best automated forex trading strategy. Remember, a good amount of knowledge is vital before jumping on the bandwagon of forex trading.

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