What Banks And Financial Institutions Offer HELOCs And Home Equity Loans?

Most homeowners who want to borrow money against the equity they have built up in their properties can do so, but the trick is finding the right lender that meets your needs. In some cases, for example, it will make sense to work with your preferred bank or whatever institution provided the primary mortgage.

In other situations, it will be smarter to seek out a different bank, mortgage lender or credit union. The most crucial step when obtaining a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loan is the comparison stage.

Always spend time looking at the “big picture” of interest rates, length of the payback period, any related fees, in addition to thinking what is home equity? Depending on the lender, fees can be so high that they outweigh an otherwise low-interest rate or favorable payback period.

It’s also helpful to know that different HELOC lenders will have differing credit score requirements. For example, you might qualify for a loan with one lender but not qualify with another. Always shop around to find the best deal and to find a lender with a good reputation in the financial community.

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General Guidelines

HELOCs typically carry lower interest rates than home equity loans do. However, most HELOCs come with variable rates and strictly-defined draw and payback periods. While the majority of home equity loans have fixed rates, those rates tend to be slightly higher than initial rates on HELOCs. Homeowners should carefully consider the total cost of any type of loan they’re considering, including fees.

HELOC Lenders

For the best rates, terms, and fees, it’s smart to consider not only inquiring with your current mortgage lender but with other banks and credit unions. Some of the best sources for obtaining favorable rates and terms on HELOCs for 2019 included the following major lenders: Connexus Credit Union, Bethpage Savings and Loan, Third Federal Savings and Loan, PenFed Credit Union, Flagstar Bank, Bank of America, Homeside Financial and Bank of the West. Remember that rates and terms are constantly changing, so it’s essential to comparison shop and to include other institutions than the ones listed above.

Home Equity Loan Leaders

When shopping for a home equity loan, keep in mind that you will receive the loan proceeds in a lump-sum payment, usually at a fixed rate of interest and will have to make regular monthly payments just as you do on your primary mortgage. There are no “draw periods” as is the case with HELOCs.

Three key factors will affect the deal you get from lenders: your credit score, your income level and the amount of equity you have in a home. For home equity loans, both US Band and PNC home equity options are in the top rung of institutions as of 2019, but it’s imperative for prospective borrowers to do their own research because rates and loan terms change from day to day. Other lenders in the home equity loan market with favorable terms for 2019 include Navy Federal, BB&T Home Mortgage, Citi Mortgage, Loan Depot, Flagstar Bank and Connexus Credit Union.

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