A Beginner’s Guide To Business Analytics

Opening a business may seem like the hardest part of the event. Constructing a business plan, deciding on a target market to cater to, and investing into everything you need certainly can be a challenge. However, this is only the beginning. Once everything is set in motion, you must do everything you can to ensure your business is successful. Keeping track of everything can be difficult, but this is where business analytics come into play. Here’s the beginner’s guide to business analytics.

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What Is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a rather complex topic for new owners to learn but learning it and eventually mastering it can help you keep track of many things. As a whole, business analytics are consisted of a group of technologies to help businesses solve their multitude of issues. You’ll be using analyzing data and reviewing statistics in various ways to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

The Different Types

There are multiple types of business analytics that you can use; descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. We’ll be going over each of these one-by-one to help new business owners get a good understanding of how they work. Descriptive analytics is the first method that uses data mining and aggregation. These two operations are used to find, research and predict upcoming trends.

Predictive analysis, as it sounds, is used to help you predict the future and what can potentially occur. This form of analysis uses predictive takes advantage of data mining. However, this is where things get a little complicated. The data mining is paired with other advanced technologies such as machine learning and the aforementioned statistical modeling.

Prescriptive analysis is functions differently than predictive. Instead of showing potential outcomes, prescriptive analytics is what gives you the best option available. Computer sciences and even mathematics is used to accomplish this. GPU spreadsheets are a prime example of this. GPU spreadsheets allow business owners to quickly, accurately and efficiently do their calculations.

This is accomplished with the GPU-enabled software. GPU-enabled software uses the graphics processing unit of a computer. It’s complicated to understand at first, but it makes parallel processing far easier to do. Parallel processing is a computer operation that splits to another processor on the computer for faster results.

The Skills You Need

This is one of those things where you need to be on the ball. Learning business analytics is easier to read about and get a basic understanding of them. However, the same as there are skills employees should have, business owners are obligated to take it a step further and master the appropriate skills. Below is a list of skills you need to learn for business analytics:

  • Having good communication skills
  • Being an avid problem solver
  • Knowing how to critically think
  • Coming up with various strategies
  • Learning the necessary programming languages
  • Being more open-minded

Business isn’t a one-and-done deal. There are many factors and business analytics is just one of them. But they’re also one of the most critical aspects of it. Without them, business owners would be constantly taking shots in the dark and run the risk of missing. You need to have some information in hand, so you can tailor your next business venture.

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