The Benefits Of Cloud Printing Solutions For Businesses

Cloud Solutions are being adopted by businesses everywhere. Hundreds and thousands of users and devices – often across locations and continents – connect with the data center using Cloud Technology. As businesses are increasingly outsourcing services to the cloud, why not use the cloud for printing needs?

Cloud printing allows users to print from any device on the network. With cloud print platforms and services, there’s no need to install printer drivers; instead, you can print from any device that’s web-connected, like smartphone, laptop, or tablet just by routing print jobs via the cloud to an a3 printer station.

Cloud printing solutions are available in a range of public, private, and hybrid cloud options to suit the varying multi-cloud needs of businesses transitioning to cloud-based print infrastructure. Enjoy seamless, low-cost printing over the Internet, without having to worry about hardware or location.

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Benefits Of Cloud Printing Solutions

Here are some of the key benefits of moving from the traditional on-premise print server to cloud print services.

Cost Reduction

Switching to cloud services on a subscription model means you don’t need to make an up-front capital expenditure to purchase, install and maintain printer hardware or software. You only pay a single, predictable monthly charge for your print server in the cloud. This will also lower operating costs and energy costs associated with maintaining and hosting servers on-site in the traditional setups. Thus, cloud-based printing is much more affordable than on-premise printing.

Reduced Burden For IT Team

A cloud printing solution is managed by a third-party cloud print service provider like Konica Minolta, meaning your IT teams will no longer be burdened with tasks like installing print drivers and managing print server infrastructure. Thus, the team can focus on more strategic activities that they should be undertaking.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With outsourced cloud printing services, business users can print using various devices, without having to worry about compatibility and drivers. This reduces the need for in-house IT support.

Software Updates

Cloud printing service providers ensure that software upgrades take place automatically and in real-time. All features and fixes are updated continually.

Flexibility And Security

With cloud print platforms, your employees can conveniently release print jobs anywhere, anytime. Most cloud print platforms are hosted by trusted public providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure, so rest assured your user access is securely managed and authenticated.

Enhanced Analytics

Advanced cloud print platforms provide cloud print analytics, which gives a comprehensive idea to businesses about the impact that printing has on multiple levels. Auditing cloud print activity will allow you to observe printing costs and take immediate corrective measures if required.

If you’re considering using cloud printing solutions for your business, opt for one that includes cloud reporting tools with integrated cloud print analytics, cloud data reporting, web-based reporting, and cloud printing analysis. It is vital to track output to ensure your business operates efficiently and securely.

Access To Technological Innovation

Cloud-based print platforms are scalable with the ability to adapt dynamically to the varying needs of the business. Most service providers would allow new functionality to be quickly implemented either for all users or for a part of them. The cloud can also well support the quick delivery of other related solutions or initiatives like digitization, security, and analytics.

Ease Of Use

Another benefit of cloud printing is that users do not have to worry about software, drivers, or cables. In this age of the remote workforce, your employees are no longer in a single place. Cloud printing ensures they have access to the nearest printers at whichever location they are.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Printing over the cloud reduces carbon emissions from transportation and also lowers the amount of waste generated. Meaning your business can get more energy-efficient and use resources responsibly.

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