Benefits Of Working From Home: A List Of Pros As Cons [Humor]

It’s Saturday morning as I’m writing this, and I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop like I do many mornings when I write my articles for the day. I started thinking about the benefits of working from home, and how much I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work like this. However, if you don’t work from home, you might have a skewed idea about what it’s like. Most of my friends who wish they could work from home don’t know the reality of what that means.

Sure, there are many benefits of working from home like you get to work a more flexible schedule, you don’t have to deal with traffic snags or as many disruptions, and you’re always close to the bathroom and the refrigerator. However, these things won’t always work in your favor.

For example, yeah, I have a flexible schedule which just means I work two or three times as much as I would in a traditional office. And I am close to the refrigerator, but the only thing in there is a bottle of ketchup and some soy sauce. When you work from home, you don’t really get sick days. If you feel bad, you just work through it.

I’m not saying the negative aspects outweigh the benefits of working from home, I’m just saying there are pros and cons to everything. I wouldn’t change this lifestyle for anything, and I love working from home. For me, it works, even though I feel like a vampire sometimes.

If you are one of those people who thinks your coworkers who work from home are slackers, think again. People who work from home typically work much harder (increased productivity) than those who don’t. You can read more about that at Working From Home: Facts vs. Fiction. This humorous chart by Doghouse Diaries really sums it up nicely. Enjoy!

Benefits Of Working From Home Aren’t Always What You Think

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Chart via: [Laughing Squid] Header Image Credit: [Nature Jobs]