The Benefits Of Using CRM In Dentistry

Medical software development continues to gain momentum as developers use innovative technologies to solve pressing problems in the field of healthcare. CRM systems are technologies that are of value to both patients and employees of medical institutions.

The CRM system helps to manage work with patients and tracks the history of interaction with them: from the acquisition channel to the profit received. It generates reports on the collected data and allows users to make the right management decisions. In this article, we will consider the benefits of implementing CRM in dentistry.

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The Possibilities Of A CRM System For Dentistry

It would seem that a CRM system for dentistry is far from the most important thing. It is not equipment, consumables, instruments, or any other factor influencing the effectiveness of treatment. Nevertheless, the CRM system in dentistry plays a very important role, being a kind of framework for all processes, from making an appointment to getting help from a doctor in advanced cases. Let’s outline the range of its possibilities:

  1. The CRM database is filled with data on dentistry patients, doctors, deadlines, and appointments. For example, when a patient changes the date or time of his visit to the clinic, you must immediately enter information into the database and nowhere else. The system will save the changes, and the administrator does not need to remember anything in order to avoid mistakes later.
  2. CRM for dentistry makes it possible to create a unique profile for each employee. This is necessary so that the employee gets access only to the data that is necessary to perform his immediate work duties. Such a restriction not only contributes to a better concentration of the employee on the tasks that are part of his scope of work but also prevents data leakage.
  3. The CRM system stores information about any actions in real-time. The head of dentistry can always see all the stages of the employee’s work.
  4. The system can analyze the complete process of solving problems and indicates problem areas in the work of dentistry.

The Advantages Of The CRM System For Dentistry

In addition to the standard functionality, CRM systems provide patients and healthcare workers with other benefits. For example, it provides doctors with the opportunity to discuss complex clinical cases. Treatment for many diseases involves holding consultations, which can be difficult to do personally – each specialist has his own schedule.

But with the help of CRM, the discussion becomes easier. It is enough to create a conversation, to which to attach photos of a clinical case, and colleagues will share their opinion on the optimal method of treatment. Let’s look at other benefits.

  1. Creation and maintenance of a database of patients. CRM for dentistry allows you to customize it according to certain parameters. You can enter into the database the contacts of patients, a project implementation plan, or additional data on completed tasks, difficulties in their implementation, etc. Thus, the loss of regular visitors will be minimal, and the manager can control the actions of each employee when servicing patients.
  2. Action standardization. To work with the CRM system, you must adhere to clear rules on how to enter data correctly. Therefore, all personnel must follow the established standards, which eliminates the possibility of disorder.
  3. Fixing all contacts with the patient. The main rule of work is to enter information into the system about any connection with the patient.
  4. Improving the effectiveness of staff. With the help of a CRM for dentistry, you can see how each employee works, and how timely and efficiently he performs the tasks assigned to him. This contributes to the fact that the staff has an incentive to do their job more productively.
  5. Patient differentiation. The CRM system divides visitors into classes: those who regularly visit the clinic and new patients.
  6. Collection and storage of information about competitors.
  7. A quick search for any data.

Cloud And Desktop CRM – Advantages And Disadvantages

CRM systems allow you to solve many business problems and optimize important business processes. Today, software vendors offer both cloud-based and desktop CRM technologies. Both cloud and desktop CRM solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider them.

The pros of cloud CRM systems:

  1. Quick access to the application, the possibility to use the system on multiple devices
  2. Ability to start working after quick registration.
  3. Intuitive web user interface.
  4. Ease of setup.
  5. Scalability.
  6. A great option for working with employees remotely. Access to the system is possible at any time of the day.

The cons of cloud CRM systems:

  1. Customization leaves much to be desired. Most often, ready-made solutions are focused on the sector of small and medium-sized businesses.
  2. There are risks in terms of data security.
  3. The speed of access directly depends on the speed of the Internet connection.

The pros of desktop CRM systems:

  1. Wider functionality.
  2. Possibility of customization according to business needs.
  3. Relatively higher data security. The information is located on the company’s server, and the possibility of creating and archiving data is provided.
  4. Payment for the software product is made one time.
  5. At the same time, among the disadvantages of the desktop system are:

The cons of desktop CRM systems:

  1. Lack of mobility.
  2. More complex organization of remote access.
  3. The need for administration.

Development Of A Personal CRM System

Regardless of whether you choose cloud-based or desktop CRM, it should be borne in mind that all ready-made solutions on the market, as a rule, are universal and do not take into account the needs of specific companies. At the same time, the development of CRM implemented in accordance with the individual needs of the business is the best option.

Intellectsoft offers the creation of personal CRM systems, the functionality of which is developed taking into account the key business processes of your company. When ordering a CRM system, you get:

  • software adapted to the specifics of your business activity;
  • the ability to optimize key business processes;
  • an effective tool that can solve specific business problems exactly as your business requires.

Wrapping Up

Developing a CRM system from scratch will allow you to get a more personalized approach to the company’s business processes and will be integrated into a specific niche, unlike template CRM. Intellectsoft is a reliable company to develop a personal CRM system for healthcare business as well as other important software in this field, including hospital management software, e-prescribing software, etc.

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