Get The Best Candidates For Your Legal Job

You have a position available at your company, and you’re hoping to fill it in the near future. You want to make sure that you filter through all of the applications and get the absolute best candidate for the job. Anything less would feel like a waste of time. To guarantee that you get the cream of the crop to join your company, you should follow these 3 tips.

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Be Picky With Applications

The application is a good indicator of whether someone is ready for the job or not. It will reveal if they’re professional, organized, and qualified for the position. It will also show if they’re capable of following clear directions. To sift out applicants that don’t pay attention, put an instruction in the job listing and see if they follow it to the letter. Here are some examples of instructions that you could add:

  • Attach your resume, cover letter and other documents as a single PDF document
  • Write your first name and the job position into the subject line of the email
  • Include your salary expectations at the end of your cover letter

If they don’t follow this simple direction, they’re out of the running.

Another thing that you can do is search for the top resume mistakes whenever you receive an application. If you spot one, move the name to the rejection pile.

Use A Recruitment Site

If you don’t want to filter through tons of applications from candidates that don’t meet the qualifications, then you should invest in a legal recruitment and executive search group to find you the best legal talent for the job. The group of headhunters will use direct searching, networking, advertising, database selection, and more to target the ideal candidates for you.

There will be no need to slog through countless resumes without a single strong lead. This personalized service will make the hiring process faster and much easier than it’s been in the past.

Pre-Screen Applicants

You don’t want to set up an interview with a candidate and realize after a few key questions that they’re not up for the job. They’ve padded their resume and exaggerated their credentials. Their attitude is unprofessional. They’re a bad fit.

Doing this will feel like a waste of your time and resources. One way to avoid this frustrating situation is to do a brief pre-screening interview over the phone before setting up an official interview. Ask some key questions like salary expectations, work history, and schedule availability to get a good idea about whether they should make it to the next step.

Do A Trial Period

If you’re still worried about making the wrong pick, you should set up a trial period for the candidate that passes the interview. Give them some time to learn the ropes at your company and prove their skills. You’ll have clear evidence whether they mesh with your workspace or not by the end of the trial.

Don’t settle for the wrong candidate. Use these recruitment tips to find the top candidates for the job and guarantee that your picks are perfect for your team.

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