Best Companies That Hire Remote Workers

Unlike some years ago when having a corner office in the largest skyscraper in the city was what everyone dreamed of, today, more individuals are embracing the idea of working remotely. And although not every company out there is hiring remote workers, the shift in work style, advancement in technology, and the need to get the top-talent and cut costs have made organizations resort to hiring remote employees. This write-up provides a list of the most exciting companies that offer jobs for work-from-anywhere individuals.

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1. American Express

Built on a work culture that inspires people to do whatever they love, American Express is a worldwide provider of financial good and services that has provided several opportunities for digital nomads who enjoy combining their career ambitions with their passion for traveling. Offering a myriad of positions that range from human resource and sales to IT and customer service, American Express is the one-stop shop if you are looking for a company that will set up for success when working from home.

2. Apple

With their plethora of innovative products that range from iPad iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch, Apple hires the cream of the crop to ensure that they achieve their goal of delivering a seamless experience to their esteemed customers. As such, they offer various work-from-home jobs in areas like finance, marketing, human resource, sales, and retail.

3. Dell

Renowned for their exciting products that include personal computers, cameras, software, printers, HDTVs and MP3 players, Dell provides exciting opportunities for employees who want to work from different locations other than their offices. With employment options in remote work, telecommuting, part-time and flextime positions, Dell has something for all individuals whether it is in entry, mid-level or senior positions. Besides their excellent payment packages, Dell offers off-site jobs that come with various benefits including mentorship and health plans.

4. Aetna

Aetna is a technologically-inclined managed healthcare company that sells healthcare insurance and related services. The company boasts a culture that seeks to promote a strong life/work balance by allowing its employees to work from anywhere.  They allow you to divide work between their office and home office, work straight from home or work form any other location in the world. Some of the positions provided by Aetna include sales, project management, accounts, marketing and auditing among others.

5. Amgen

Amgen is also another reputable organization for those who want to work remotely. This biotechnology firm whose mission is to provide the highest level of patient service through science-based innovation offers endless teleworking opportunities for interested individuals. With the belief that employees should not only love what they do but also where they work, Amgen encourages employees to figure out what environment allows them to yield optimal results. They offer job positions for applicants stationed in home offices all over the world.

6. CenturyLink

Offering data, voicemail, internet, television, hosting, home security, telephone, cloud, IT and communication services, CenturyLink hires the best talent in the market to help them deliver exceptional products and services. And to spar flexibility and encourage optimal productivity, CenturyLink also offers telecommuting and part-time employment opportunities. These range from analyst, IT, and marketing positions.


SUSE is also in the list of most attractive companies that hire remote workers. This technology company which specializes in in the development of Linux products offers vast career opportunities for those who enjoy working from home. Some of the positions you will find at this company include compute software developers, product designers and product managers.

8. Amazon

With its outstanding global outreach, Amazon presents various virtual positions to improve their products’ quality and deliver outstanding services. The multinational technology company seeks to enhance its service delivery in cloud computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence by leveraging the skill sets of remote workers from around the globe. Their work-from-home jobs include everything from IT support and product development to customer support and business intelligence analyst among others.

9. Glassdoor

Despite being a platform that provides millions of job listings as well as anonymous reviews, approval ratings and salary reports from current and former employees, Glassdoor also provides tons of employment opportunities for remote workers. By providing their workforce with the flexibility of working from different locations, Glassdoor encourages efficiency, autonomy, and a sense of ownership which contributes to the overall company’s productivity.

Currently, their website boasts over 80 remote opportunities which range from support specialists and content marketing specialists to CRM application managers and account managers.

10. Intuit

With excellent personal software such as Turbo Tax, Intuit delivers exceptional products that assist organizations in processing credit cards and managing payrolls. And besides offering on-site employment opportunities, this company also provides various positions for remote employees. They boast temporary, part-time, telecommuting and freelance work opportunities which can be done from any location.

11. Kaplan

With a plethora of education services that target universities, colleges, and businesses, Kaplan helps organizations to achieve their goals by providing student support, education programs, test preparations, and professional training services. This company boasts various work-from-home employment opportunities for individuals who have a background in teaching or education. Some of the positions you will find on their website include sales representatives, trainers, MCAT question writers and instructors for vast disciplines. However, most of these employment opportunities require a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field and tons of experience.

12. Cisco

A powerhouse of web and communications solutions, Cisco is an award-winning technology solution firm that has revolutionized how businesses operate through their cutting-edge solutions. And for them to deliver the highest-quality products and services, they hire the most skilled and qualified talents in the market. Their jobs portfolio includes opportunities for experienced individuals who want to work remotely. They range from part-time to telecommuting and flexible scheduling positions. Some of the positions being advertised on their website currently include Business Development Manager and Consulting Systems Engineer.

13. Humana

Estimated to have over 13 million customers, Humana leads the pack when it comes to offering top-quality insurance and other wellness products. Focused on delivering healthcare innovations that improve community wellness, Humana provides plenty of remote opportunities for individuals who want to be productive and still enjoy healthier lifestyles. Some of the job positions on their website include system administrators, procurement professional and utilization admin coordinator among others.

14. Adobe

Named in the list of 100 Best Companies to Work for by Forbes, Adobe is a world-class software company which specializes in the creation of top-notch software such as Photoshop image editing, the Portable Document Format (PDF), and Acrobat reader among others. For this multinational company to deliver outstanding products, it is known for hiring the most qualified talent in the market. They have a myriad of professional positions for remote workers who can work from anywhere. Currently, their website has listed some job opportunities for remote workers ranging from software developers to marketers and product development managers.

As technology continues to make the world increasingly connected, more and more opportunities are cropping up. And unlike in the past when a 9 to 5 job was the trend, today, individuals need a personal computer and high-speed internet to work from any location. Rather than adopting a lifestyle that suits their career, today, individuals are finding remote opportunities that resonate with their lifestyles. This article provides a list of some of the companies that offer exciting opportunities for those who want to work remotely.

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