What Are The Best E-Wallets In 2019?

The idea of carrying cold, hard cash is becoming less and less necessary in the modern world. With payments made seamlessly and securely via cards and mobile devices, it’s totally understandable if you are starting to get out of the habit of having cash in your back pocket. If you increasingly prefer managing your personal finances online or via mobile, e-wallets are fast becoming a popular choice for their ease of access and use.

E-wallets can give consumers peace of mind and security when it comes to making transactions. Instead of entering your credit or debit card details with every transaction and running the risk of cyber-criminals getting hold of your digits, an e-wallet is connected to one or multiple bank accounts, with the authority to transfer funds from your bank to your e-wallet to pay for anything from takeaways and online subscriptions to gifts and utility bills. They are particularly popular among online gamers that use e-wallets to deposit and withdraw funds with iGaming operators. Sites like https//www.casinowings.com outline the most popular e-wallets for online casinos, many of which can be used without transaction fees.

So, if you’re thinking of setting up an e-wallet account to help you manage your everyday transactions better – both online and via mobile devices – let’s take a look at some of the leading digital wallet providers in the marketplace for 2019.

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Skrill – Formerly Known As Moneybookers

Under its previous guise of Moneybookers, this e-wallet’s primary use used to be storing and transferring iGaming winnings. Although many iGaming platforms still support Skrill, there are so many other uses for this e-wallet in 2019 and beyond. It’s worth noting that withdrawal fees are by no means the cheapest, with the cost of transferring funds from a Skrill wallet to an email address or another Skrill wallet amounting to 1.45% of the amount sent.

Paypal – A Leading Third-Party For Online Retailers

For several years, www.paypal.com has been one of the leading online wallets among online retailers. Platforms such as eBay have long supported PayPal as a secure, simple method for making online payments for goods or services. PayPal also allows its users to earn rewards for connecting certain credit and debit cards with a PayPal account. PayPal also now uses Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing users to make contactless payments from their PayPal wallets from NFC-enabled smartphones.

Neteller – Send, Spend, Shop And Withdraw

Another leading global e-wallet, Neteller is now active in over 190 countries worldwide. Given its increasingly global user base, www.neteller.com now supports 18 fiat currencies. Its payment system utilizes advanced encryption technology and anti-virus technology to safeguard user data. It also ring-fences users’ funds in separate trust accounts to keep it away from the prying eyes of cyber-hackers.

Google Pay – The Ideal Wallet Companion For Android Users

Formerly known as Android Pay, Google Pay is a Google-developed e-wallet platform that gives owners of Android smartphones, tablets and watches the ability to make in-app and tap-to-pay purchases with ease. Users in the UK and United States can use Google Pay to transfer funds to family and friends and it can also be used to purchase Google products – very handy if you are a loyal Google geek!

Ultimately, the e-wallet you choose for 2019 and beyond should be the one that allows you to better organize your personal finances; whilst giving you the flexibility to spend your money in more ways than imaginable some 20-30 years ago.

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