Best Online SEO Courses For 2021

Everybody is talking about SEO nowadays, and there is a growing interest in online SEO courses and collaborating with an SEO company. If you have ever searched for an SEO course online, you already know that there is a wide selection, and it isn’t easy to pick one. To avoid wasting time on lessons you are not sure about, we list the best online SEO courses of 2021.

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Why You Need SEO Certification

Before settling on a particular course, you should find out how relevant it is for your development. With SEO, there is no doubt that you stand to gain a lot of valuable skills, whether you are employed, or you’re a self-employed entrepreneur. Here are the top reasons you could never go wrong with SEO training:

  1. Get Familiar With SEO Tools

When you sign up for training, particularly the paid courses, you get an opportunity to use premium SEO tools. With this knowledge, you will have what it takes to master digital marketing concepts.

  1. Learn From The Experts

Learning from SEO professionals will help you get meaningful insights and make otherwise complex ideas much simpler to understand.

  1. Get Certified

At the end of your Course, you will acquire a badge or certificate to showcase your newly acquired skills. You can display these on your LinkedIn profile or use them to boost your resume.

  1. Get Updated Content

There are new SEO trends developed every year, and one of the reasons for taking a professional course is to get the most current information on the subject.

  1. Grow Your Career

Many companies are now aware of SEO skills’ benefits and are going the extra mile to recruit employees with SEO skills to take care of their digital marketing needs. You can also start your SEO Company once you gain SEO expertise.

Surfer’s SEO Writing Masterclass

In March 2021, Surfer’s on-page SEO tool was ranked as the top on-page data-dependent tool. Despite being relatively new in the industry, Surfer SEO has caused significant ripples in online marketing spaces.

You get access to Surfer’s SEO arsenals; SERP Analyzer, Content Score, Content Editor, Content Planner, Keyword Analyzer, and Audit Analyzer. If you are a writer, this Course is an invaluable resource for better content and better pay.

SEMrush Academy

SEMrush Academy offers some of the most in-depth SEO courses for anyone who wishes to learn. What’s more, these courses are free. When you enroll for SEMrush SEO courses, you get first-hand skills using their reliable search tools.

Their SEO tool is simple to use, unlike other tools that require a learning curve. With the tool, you can achieve competition analysis, keyword research, and link analysis, good enough to get you started.

Yoast Academy

As a leader in the SEO industry, Yoast offers various modules on their free and premium plans. The free program will provide essential knowledge and focuses on WordPress. The premium version offers an all-around learning experience for many SEO aspects.

You can expect to learn International SEO, Local SEO, SEO copywriting, Technical SEO, Yoast SEO for WordPress, and many other modules. All these are available for a year when you become a premium subscriber.

Moz SEO Courses

Moz, an authority in the digital space, offers well-organized and simplified SEO lessons in these valuable courses. You will learn Local SEO, Technical SEO, SEO Client Prospecting, and SEO essentials to help you level up your SEO knowledge.

By the end of your Course, you will understand the importance of search engine marketing for any business, blog, or entity. Moz provides a printable certificate for your resume and a badge to display on your LinkedIn page.

The SEO Playbook

This is a course created by Robbie Richards, an experienced digital marketer. Robbie provides clear guidelines for learners to optimize their websites and win quality traffic successfully. The Course rolls out in a series of playbooks, covering different SEO aspects.

Robbie lets his learners watch him go from blank templates to complete projects for a hands-on experience. The Course is well suited for learners who are already conversant with SEO and not beginners. If you wish to take the Course, you first join a waitlist to be among the first to know when the course re-opens.

Detailed SEO Blueprint

The SEO Blueprint pans out in six sections; Local SEO, Case Studies, Keyword Research, Content, Onsite SEO, and Link Building. Once you complete this course, you can identify SEO issues, build ethical links, generate relevant content, and find the perfect keywords for targeting.

The Course stands out for private group discussions and in-chat features to facilitate any learner who wants to ask questions during lessons. This is one of the most expensive SEO courses, with plans ranging from $597-$4597. With the insights provided, you can be sure to build sites that attract large volumes of traffic.

Brian Dean’s SEO That Works

A few times each year, Brian Dean, Backlinko’s CEO, conducts the SEO that Works Course. Learners on a paid plan get access to premium, updated content after. Annual membership plans range from $97-$397, making it one of the most highly-priced SEO courses. Learners have to join a waiting list and can only start when it is their turn.

Apart from learning SEO essentials from one of the best trainers, you get a chance to ask Brian Dean questions during your training. The comprehensive Course is perfect for affiliate marketers, freelance writers, digital marketers, SEO analysts, and e-commerce sites.

Reliablesoft’s Free SEO Course

Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Academy offers this SEO course for free to anyone who wishes to understand basic SEO concepts. Learners get to learn Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, and Technical SEO.

The course is ideal for beginners looking to learn about making websites SEO-friendly. The platform provides a free SEO checklist to help learners know whether their sites meet the ranking criteria.

There is a lot to learn before anyone can become an SEO expert with determination and adequate resources. These quality courses are an excellent point to start, and any small investment you make towards adding SEO skills lays the ground for digital marketing success.

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