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Starting a real estate LLC is one of the best ways for investors to protect themselves against outside interference. This corporate structure shields investors from suits and protects personal assets since, like all LLCs, the business and the individual investor or investors that started it will be viewed as separate entities. Those ready to start getting serious about starting a real estate business can read on to find out about the best states for starting real estate LLCs and buying valuable properties.

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1. Illinois

Illinois is home to Chicago, one of the best cities for high net worth real estate investing. Like other high-net-worth cities, it has a high momentum cyclical real estate market, meaning that savvy investors who pay attention to the trends can make good money buying, selling, and renting luxury properties without having to hold onto their assets for decades.

It’s also one of just eight states that allow real estate business owners to start series LLCs. These LLCs act as umbrella companies that contain other LLCs for properties owned in different states, allowing real estate investors to diversify their portfolios.

2. Indiana

While Illinois holds the top spot on this list, thanks to Chicago’s ability to attract high-net-worth individuals, Indiana takes second for a very different reason. Simply put, it has the cheapest average property prices combined with the greatest home appreciation. The state also boasts an affordable cost of living, which helps to drive new residents to its major cities each year.

Indiana is a great place for real estate investors more interested in holding a large number of rental or investment properties, so the strategies required to make money on real estate are different, and they take more time to implement. That being said, it’s still a good choice for certain investors.

3. Wyoming

Wyoming is one of just two states that allow real estate LLC owners to maintain anonymity regarding involvement with the LLC when opening bank accounts. In almost all other states, bankers will require LLC owners to disclose their involvement publicly before opening an account, which can cause problems for privacy-minded investors. Wyoming also charges less money than most states to renew LLCs at just $50 and charges no state income taxes on entities unless they are conducting business within the state.

4. Delaware

Delaware makes it relatively easy to own a real estate business. The judges in its business courts have a lot of experience working with real estate LLCs, which helps to make up for the fact that it costs $300 for an LLC in Delaware. For LLCs with a net worth of more than $5,000,000, the extra cost of operating an LLC in Delaware is worth the extra protection.

Like Wyoming, Delaware provides a level of anonymity for business owners. As in Wyoming, no information is collected on members or directors when the LLC is established, which means the secretary of state does not have access to the information. Delaware also provides an extra level of anonymity over Wyoming by not requiring an annual report.

5. Florida

The Florida real estate market has also produced a variety of rental and leaseable investment opportunities, including residential properties, commercial properties, industrial investments, retail properties, and combination real estate such as storefronts with residential units above.

Other than that, Florida has legislation that helps firms, making it business-friendly. Corporations have an advantage in the legal system when it comes to questions of liability and employment law. From the perspectives of taxes, fees, and asset protection, forming an LLC in Florida is fair enough to establish LLCs holding real estate.

The Bottom Line

The decision as to where to start a real estate business is an important one, and there is no clear-cut answer to what state will be the best option. It varies based on investors’ needs. Those interested in high-net-worth properties and diversifying their portfolios will love Illinois, while investors who are interested in affordable long-term investments may prefer Indiana. Wyoming and Delaware are also excellent choices for those who prioritize anonymity.

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