The Best Tools For Nailing A Business Presentation

The individuals that enjoy giving high-stakes business presentations are few and far between. From the professional pressure to the frustrations that come with preparing quality materials, it’s no wonder that you might be a bit shy when it comes to taking the lead on a new pitch or presentation. There are plenty of tools that are great to have in your arsenal to make sure your next business presentation goes off without a hitch.

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PowerPoint Alternatives

If you’re tasked with developing a presentation for your company and your mind immediately veered towards creating a traditional PowerPoint, you’re definitely not alone. It’s a classic Microsoft Office staple and there’s a reason it’s fairly ubiquitous these days. Plus, for those who grew up with computer access, chances are you’re not unfamiliar with crafting a thoughtful PowerPoint slideshow. However, while it’s a safe backup choice, PowerPoint is much less engaging and innovative than many of its more modern competitors. Instead of rushing to draft an outline for your slideshow, consider some of these alternatives.

One of the biggest hits with contemporary businesses is Prezi. Prezi is an interactive visual experience that takes the static concept of PowerPoint and flips it on its head. As opposed to working from slide to slide, Prezi presents a kind of digital map that allows you to interact with the different elements as you go. It has over 100 templates to help you set a base for your presentation and its shareability features make it a standout when it comes to collaborative projects between you and your team members.

Another quality alternative is Vyond. Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the latest business and digital marketing trends, you know all too well that video is one of the driving forces of a modern marketing campaign. Videos boost engagement and spur conversions which make them an invaluable resource. A video tool like Vyond takes the barrier to entry out of production and allow users of all skill levels to develop stunning content.

Custom Materials To Wow Your Audience

Picture this: you’ve invited one of your clients to your headquarters and are ready to give them your strongest, catchiest pitch on why they should partner with your business. The presentation goes swimmingly. The graphics you’ve been working on render without a hitch. Then, at the end of the presentation, the client asks if you have any materials for them to review. Unfortunately, all you have for them is a beat-up manila envelope with a few pieces of paper. It doesn’t leave the greatest first impression, does it?

When it comes to truly nailing a presentation, it’s easy to underestimate just how valuable custom printed folders, business cards, and embossed papers truly are. In the client’s eyes, it’s the difference between a company that does a good job and a company that does a great one. Invest in custom materials to leave a lasting impression and solidify all of your networking connections.

Amp Up Your Engagement

There’s a big difference between talking with someone and talking at them. One is engaging and the other simply isn’t, respectively. When your audience feels adequately engaged, they’re that much more likely to convert. While you might be racking your brain thinking of how to make a pitch or presentation more engaging, there are a few easy ways to collaborate with your audience while still retaining control.

One popular method involves props. “This isn’t theater!” you’re thinking, while shaking your head. However, you’d be surprised at the value of props in the business world. Whether it’s passing around an iPad that allows your audience to interact with renders of your designs and products or showcasing demo objects that they can inspect more closely, never underestimate the benefit of some quality kinetic engagement.

Ready To Present?

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about some of the best tools of the trade, it’s time to put them into practice. While this isn’t an end all be all list, it’s a great start to get you on the path towards better engagement and higher conversion rates. Don’t be afraid to put your own unique twist on these ideas or develop ones of your own that are more in line with your branding. Soon enough, you’ll find a style that works for you and your colleagues.

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