There’s A Big Difference Between Management And Leadership In Business

Both leaders and managers fulfill a valuable role in business, but there are some key differences in how different types of personalities perform and deliver daily organizational tasks. These two types of professional styles are both equally essential when it comes to working with other employees and delivering the required day to day functions. Whether you want your key players to focus on long term development or delivering process, you’ll need to consider which style best suits the role you want to be performed within your organization.

Leadership skills involve working with employees so they can continue their personal development and it also encourages them to grow and take on new tasks. A manager will be more project focused and concentrate on getting those they manage to stick to the rules and procedures the organization is based upon. Coaching and motivating employees is a sure fire way to maximize performance and results, and fits within both styles, but each will have a slightly different approach. – To further understand the difference between leadership and management, have a look at Malone University’s helpful information.

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What Are Leadership Skills?

Effective leadership skills are made up of a combination of a variety of transferable and demonstrable skills. They definitely include the ability to communicate at all levels, clearly and cogently, whilst motivating others to produce the best possible results. Being able to delegate productively also allows leaders to lead by example and take responsibility for their own role and actions. So, if you would like to be a great leader, Thinking Heads is a great example of a brand that can help you.

Leadership Skills Include

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Emotional Intelligence

What Skills Are Used In Management?

Strategic thinking and forward planning are two of the main-stay skills needed to carry out a management role efficiently and effectively. This variety of skills, combined with the ability to problem solve, will see managers delivering successful results when it comes to project and process management. Straight forward Managers tend to be more methodical in their style and approach to their professional life, which can mean they can take a more hardline stance towards projects and tasks.

Management Skills Include

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Process Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Commercial Awareness

Which Style Is Suitable For Your Organization’S Needs?

The answer to this question will depend on what you want this person to deliver for your organization. If you’re looking for someone to inspire and deliver a vision, then leadership skills will bring the right tools for the job. If you want someone to focus on the details of process and coordination, then someone with a more deliberate management style would likely be the right fit.

A combination of leadership and management skills are ideal, but these aptitudes can take time to develop and learn. There are some great training courses available that are always worth investigating. If you’re looking at developing the skills of a person who’s already in a role then training and mentoring are an ideal method to employ to do this. The key thing is to ensure any training courses are followed up and key skills are always continually being developed.

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