Boost Your Sales With These 8 Tips

In this rapidly changing economy, it’s essential to be aware of all trends and developments affecting your business. Most markets are flooded so it’s crucial to have a product that stands out and has something distinctive to offer and for a competitive price. In this article, we’re going to look at 8 ways to boost your sales.

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Marketing is not about your company, your products, or your passion! It’s about getting out of your customer’s and into your head. There is a problem somewhere, and you need to have the answer. There is a ‘pain’ and you have the ‘treatment’. They need peace of mind and you can supply it. You need to provide value. Why should they buy the product from you? The world doesn’t owe you a living.

Who is your customer? Male, female? How old are they? Where do they live, what is their budget, and what are their interests? Have you tried cold calling?

Quality Product

It’s about quality, not quantity. Sales is not a number’s game. It’s easier to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. Your customer needs to be convinced why they should buy from you. Sell the benefit and not the product.

People pay for the perceived value of an item or service. Pitch the price right, and explain why it’s correct. They are paying for quality.

Social Media

As we will see when discussing digital signage, people want to learn about your product visually. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are perfect for this purpose. There’s a huge industry in content marketing and social media. It raises brand awareness and creates sales funnels to direct sales to your website.

Digital Signage

You have no doubt seen digital signage in shops. We live in a highly visual world, and there are financial gains to be had. When reading about raspberry pi digital signage it was encouraging to learn that it doesn’t have to be heavy on your electricity consumption. One survey showed that 68% of people who saw the displayed ads said they would be more likely to buy the product. Two-thirds of those said it would make them change their planned purchase as a result.

Your Interaction

Building a rapport and relationship with your customer is hugely important. They need to know that you are interested in them, listening, and genuinely caring about their needs. The more they tell you, the more you can customize the advantages of your product. You need to build trust.

A customer’s objections don’t have to be viewed negatively. They can be a springboard for singing your product’s praises. What are they afraid of and what motivates them? Making a change or taking a risk can seem daunting. You are here to sell the advantages of the product and boast about your company’s long term service.

You are after a decision (yes or no) rather than a sale. Push for that. ‘I’ll shop around’ or ‘I may come back later’ mean NO. If your offer is for a limited time only that can be persuasive, or if it’s a limited edition and you’re running out of stock. Make them feel obligated to decide right now. They need to feel like they made the decision rather than you. Make their decision a ‘win-win’.

Trying Your Product

We all like to try before we buy. How about giving away a free sample? Or let them use it in-store. If you sell cars, offer a test drive. This will motivate them to come back to you. If you’re honest and say that a price reduction is about to occur in your next sale, they can try the sample and return when it’s underway.

Know Your Product

Earlier on, we discussed your interaction with the customer. How would it look if you couldn’t answer any of their questions? How can you sell something you don’t fully understand? Knowledge of your rivals is crucial in making a sale, as your product needs to have a clear advantage. If you know all about your company website, it will be easy to refer them to it for specific needs. Your customers need to know the full potential of what’s on offer.

Next Steps

You always need to have a next step identified for your customer. What will they receive next? What if they have any questions? What about a warranty? Is there a website they can visit? Will there be a ‘how-to’ video there and other after-service information? How about a customer portal so they can find information about their orders and their payments?

Under-promise and over-deliver. Remember – they may come back to you with more business in the future. They will be telling their friends about you and putting their reviews online. If you make a mistake, then apologize. You can turn complaints into compliments.

I hope this article has helped you to want to know your customer, and how to wrap your products around their requirements. As we have seen, you don’t just need to connect well with them, but also to be there for any after service requirements. Besides, we looked at harnessing the power of technology and social media. Good luck on your business journey.

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