Bounty Programs First-Time ICO Developers Need To Pay Attention To

Many say that the world of cryptocurrency is in a state of constant growth and turmoil, kind of like the Wild Wild West. There is no doubt that in the midst of chaos there is an opportunity for those who take a chance. Those who are thinking of initiating an ICO will need to consider the ICO bounty programs out there to stand a chance in this industry.

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The Social Media Push

Promoting the ICO through social media is one of the most effective types of bounties out there. The campaigns use some of the most popular platforms out there like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are a number of ways collectors of bounties help startups like yours by retweeting, liking, sharing, or by commenting just to name a few options. Most of the time, the people who collect a bounty have a large follower base, which makes this particular option viable to startups who need a little word-of-mouth.

Native Advertising

There is no doubt that native advertising is an effective tool. Online users love to read posts that help them one way or another. These people are hungry for information that helps them, which makes article writing rewards enticing. Again, the point of this ICO bounty program is to attract collectors who have a large number of followers, which means that more eyeballs are going to end up seeing your startup. Of course, the rewards depend on how engaged the collector’s audience ends up being towards your startup.

Forum Rush

Most of the people who are interested in cryptocurrency will end up in the forums at some point. These individuals are interested in reading what insiders have to say and usually look to people who rank highly. This information can be used to your advantage using a good bounty program. One of the most effective bounties is the Bitcointalk signature bounty though there are several other popular signature bounties. High ranking members of these forums will release the signature related to your ICO in the forums, which makes this option one that needs to be considered.

The Post Game

Those who have already taken care of the initial fund’s issue and have released the ICO now have to worry about improving it. Things in this industry move forward quickly, and your ICO needs to keep up, which makes post-ICO programs valuable. There is a lot that needs to be taken care of at this point, like bugs. Yes, an ICO can come with a number of unexpected issues, and these need to be addressed.

The problem is that some of these issues only spring up while in use, so offering a bounty for first-time users to report bugs accurately should help your developers continue to perfect the ICO to help it survive a very competitive world. Of course, there are other post-ICO campaigns to consider like translation bounties for those who want the ICO to be understood in more than one language. As you know, part of the charm of this industry is its ability to cross borders, making this particular goal a smart one to consider. Some of the most important languages to focus on is Japanese, Dutch, German, English, and Spanish just to name a few.

Developing the ICO is one thing and it does take a lot out of you, and making sure it’s successful through some of these reward programs should make all that work worthwhile. The road is long, remember that, so make sure you are in this for the long run. Be patient when waiting for the results.

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