Breaking Bad Business Convention With Russell Ruffino

Business owners readily admit that branding is central to the success of their company. A company that positions itself well with its customer base is bound to enjoy the fruits of its labors. Building a business from the grassroots level is a major undertaking. It is akin to a baby that needs nurturing, affection, and a healthy environment within which to grow. A business must serve a purpose in society, or risk being relegated to the annals of obscurity. Businesses can fall victim to inefficient practices, liquidation or even bankruptcy if they are not careful. Management is often the determining factor in how well a business performs.

A hands-off approach to business management is bound to generate the wrong result. Rather than allowing the market to dictate terms, it’s important for effective leadership to step in and steer a business toward success. Industry-wide changes and technological shifts routinely drive innovation, demand, and appeal for a company’s brand.

For many business owners, change is a fearful concept. However, management guru Russell Ruffino routinely steps in with contrarian advice to help businesses get back on track and establish themselves as successful entities in the greater macro economy.

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Can Management Consultants Save The Day?

Russell Ruffino is a self-styled management expert who happens to be the CEO of Clients on Demand. This company has the prestigious honor of being at position #186 on the Inc 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies. Such accolades are reserved for the creme de la creme of business enterprises, and Ruffino has earned his stripes.

He routinely stresses many factors that are central to the success of a business in the modern age. One of them is the Internet of things. Today, a strong presence on the Internet is essential for success. It’s not so much about having a website, it’s the type of content and the marketing message that is presented.

Consumers have shifted away from static banners and generic marketing towards the audio-visual content of a personalized nature. People want to feel that their loyalty comes at a premium. Social media plays a big part in the process. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and even email are the happy hunting grounds for new-age companies.

According to Ruffino, ‘… We are moving from an information economy to transformation economy… For example, they’ve [people] already read 1 million articles about the 7 diet secrets everyone should know, but they’re still overweight…’ Clearly, merely having a website, or information is insufficient. People want more; they want a transformative message that allows them to move from knowledge to action.

Breaking The Shackles Of Bad Business Behaviour

Beyond the basics, businesses must start to address artificial intelligence in their operations. Already we are seeing a glut of this taking place in customer service where self-populating FAQs and customer support are being provided by self-learning databases. Automated technology not only improves efficiency and effectiveness, it also reduces the burden on human employees to take up more complex tasks that actually require their processing abilities.

Technology has evolved so much that many companies today are effectively multinationals, employing consultants all over the world, from virtual bases on the Internet. Video-conferencing, online training, and online content management systems are but a few of the ways that businesses can streamline their operations and cut costs while increasing efficiency and driving profits.

For Ruffino, there is no time like the present to enact all of these changes in a business. Rather than be stuck with inefficient processes and systems, businesses should streamline their operations as quickly as possible. Online coaching, technological advancement, and a global network are key to being competitive and successful today. Scaling operations is only possible by expanding the range of target markets that a business caters to.

The Internet facilitates geographic scaling on a global basis. By attracting new leads and converting them into buyers, services can be delivered in an optimal fashion. Ruffino takes his role seriously, even if his approach is somewhat unconventional. Success comes to those who are willing to make the necessary changes, rather than those who are anchored in the ways of the past, stuck with bad habits that don’t yield results.

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