Breaking Down The Key Characteristics Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

No doubt, people who have Internet connections surely discovered about Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos. However, only a few people know what digital currencies are. For some, cryptocurrency offers a new trading market and method of making transactions, while for others, it remains a mystery.

In order for you to understand the cryptocurrency market and revolution, you must know its fundamental aspects as well as the blockchain technology. If it is your first time entering this kind of market, you might be curious about what makes cryptos special or how are they become different from traditional currency.

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To ease your curiosity, below are the key characteristics of cryptos:


Let’s take Bitcoin as an example. This one is trustless in a way that you should not trust anyone else for the network to function. Mind that different forms of currency before BTC needed a central authority so that people could use it. However, it ends up to central weakness, which demised them.

Every part of the BTC ecosystem requires validation. In case you broadcast the Bitcoin transaction you made, then all links will receive it, and the signatures will appear as valid. Be aware that invalid signatures will result to discarded transactions.

Being part of the network means that you will have a copy of the ledger. In other words, no need for you to trust a single organization, entity, or third-party since you can verify the ledger by yourself. A decentralized ledger is also known as the “blockchain.”

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When you become part of the crypto community, you will keep hearing about the word “decentralization.” One crypto expert considers a blockchain to be architecturally and politically decentralized, but logically centralized.

Collision Resistance

Acting in ways that benefit the members of the decentralized systems is what makes it challenging for them. However, governments and corporations find ways that could benefit them while hurting others in the process.

Attack Resistance

Little did you know that a decentralized system is more expensive to manipulate, destroy, or attack? That is because it does not have any vulnerable centralized attack points. No one could attack the system at lowers cost compare to the surrounding system.

Fault Tolerance

Another interesting thing about decentralized systems is that they have fewer chances of falling accidentally. That is because these systems depend on a network of separate components.

Cryptocurrencies allow no consortium or individual to exert significant influence or affect the currency supply without major approval.


According to a dictionary, the word “immutable” simply means “unable to be changed.” This word, when associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain follows three principles:

  • Any transaction is recorded on the blockchain
  • Only the owner of the private key can move the funds
  • Rewriting history should be highly difficult or improbable to make

Whenever people want to know how their money has been spent from the bank accounts, it’s common for them to check the transaction history. They trust the banks not to manipulate the money or even fabricate any transaction. In case of a fraudulent transaction, they still need to trust the bank that it will fix the problem for them.

With cryptocurrency, you need to remove the trust. Remember the elements of centralization and no need for you to trust a third party to complete a transaction. In other words, the transaction record is made unchangeable and public.

With the above information, you will be less surprised to the operations happening in the crypto market and blockchain. As a beginner, you only need time to be more familiar with the new market you want to enter. After that, you will become a successful crypto trader. – Check out the eToro Review UK.

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