How To Build Your Crowdsale Marketing Campaign

Sometimes it’s not easy to promote a digital token sale, not even for an experienced marketer. We are talking about selling a product to an end consumer who probably didn’t have any contact with the particular company. A token sale marketing can transform the plan of a campaign in a unique experience.

We’ve written this article to help you understand better the planning process.

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Choose A Timeline

Timing is important when it comes to planning, and it’s a general rule. When it comes to crypto (especially in ICO marketing), this should be a priority. If the campaign is active, the token sale can last up to 2 months, which is actually a short time.

You need to take some things into consideration. Even if your campaign is still there after two months, you need to start planning a longer period to present the groundwork. You need to lay your groundwork before the sale date – around six months should do it.

Take Care Of Your Position

After your team and timeline are all right, you need to find connections and recruit an advisory board. You need to have some kind of balance in the people you choose to be your advisors. You people need to have influence, but they also need to know how your niche works.

In the crypto world, making sure you keep your position is crucial. Industry conferences are the ones which can give you a chance to network, while you build your creativity and trust. You and your potential audience need to communicate. Perhaps having smaller industry conferences is not a bad idea – you’ll get to gain feedback before you give the token sale announcement.

Media Relations Are Important

It’s important to have an internal PR resource, just as much as it’s important to get an outside PR firm to do its job. But you need to do it before the campaign starts its active phase. The company should give you a new perspective on how to present your product and your services. And the best part is that they’re there to make a conference and media tour schedule, thing that can lead the right people right to you.

Include The Whole World In Your Plan

We all know that crypto is a global industry, so the companies should take advantage of the whole world. Let’s take Asia as an example – it’s a growing market – South Korea and Japan are rocking it. Everyone is looking for ICOs.

If you’re going to work with other countries, you need to translate all your material and you also need to keep up with the information as the sale progresses. You may also need to be careful at any government regulations.

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