Does Your Business Need AI-Powered “Whisper Agents?”

Modern businesses are obsessed with adapting to a digital marketplace, which has led many of them to throw their full weight behind any initiative powered by artificial intelligence. One such recent development is the rise of the “whisper agent,” wherein businesses make use of an AI that whispers relevant information directly into the ear of an employee before he or she begins talking to a customer to answer their question.

What’s the truth behind the rise of these AI-powered “whisper agents,” and are they worth your investment? Here’s everything you need to know about these savvy AI assistants, and how they may be useful for your company.

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Whisper Agents Are Already Appearing On The Market

While the term “whisper agent” has carried with it clandestine connotations that summon to mind images of spies till now, modern professionals recognize “whisper agents” are helpful AI companions that can literally whisper important information into their headsets as they’re having a conversation with customers. A worker who’s employed at a call center to handle customer complaints, for instance, may be receiving help from a whisper agent AI program that informs him of the location and difficulties of a customer who’s calling for help right before the conversation starts.

The rise of whisper agents has created what Gartner labeled the hybrid workforce, which is defined by human employees who are aided by AI programs. Currently, the company predicts that 25 percent of all customer service operations will be using virtual customer assistants by 2020, meaning that whisper agents are only going to become more popular in the near-future. Despite all the hubbub surrounding whisper agents, however, some entrepreneurs are still asking themselves whether this new innovation is worth all the hype.

There are plenty of reasons to believe that embracing whisper agents can help your company bolster its customer service abilities. When it comes to emotional intelligence, for instance, there are persuasive arguments asserting that the rise of AI assistants could help real workers focus on the more human elements of their job while the machines deal with the dreary drudgery of finding information that helps describe customers.

Anyone who’s enticed by the allure of whisper agents should also read up on some current use-cases, as learning how other companies are making use of AI is an excellent way to determine if a similar investment is worth your while.

Major Corporations Are Already Using Whisper Agents

Massive international companies like Allstate clearly think that whisper agents are an enticing development worth investing in. After all, the company has already created “Amelia,” a cognitive agent who helps Allstate employees by helping them find complex information relevant to customer’s insurance questions. When it comes to helping your employees handle dizzying questions, you can help them navigate past an information overload by using AI to find only that data which is relevant to the case at hand.

Allstate’s impressive use of whisper agents to help employees achieve more is just the start of a trend we’ll see quickly dominate the market, too. Other companies will soon begin looping AI into their everyday operations, including those providing 800 services, for things far beyond customer service operations; when it comes to predicting what kind of products or services customers may purchase, for instance, AI assistants will doubtlessly soon be whispering secrets into the ears of salesmen and senior executives. Before whisper agents can become truly ubiquitous, however, they need to become more human, which means that companies everywhere will find it necessary to invest in this technology more and more as time goes on.

Powerful AI assistants are a hot product right now, for instance, but most companies like Google and Amazon are pouring huge sums of money into making these robotic assistants seem less like machines and more like everyday people. Intelligent virtual assistants who are capable of reading complex human emotions and recommending realistic options for people to choose from are necessary for whisper agents to thrive well into the 21st century, so any business owner interested in this development should beef up their knowledge of human-like AI assistants.

Whisper agents aren’t going to cost customer service reps their jobs but will rather help workers answer more questions in a more confident manner than ever before. As AI continues to advance at a breathtaking pace, keep a close eye on the rise of whisper agents as they spread across the market.

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