Streamline Your Business With Cloud-Based Badging

So your company has seen some growth recently, and you’re in need of ID badges for your employees. You’re in luck. Creating, printing, vetting and distributing identification badges has never been easier with cloud-based badging. Before you see the word “cloud” and shrink in fear of complex, unreliable technology, read on. Moving your badging software to the cloud with the VEONICS Portal™ from can make managing your identification system immensely quicker, safer, and easier.

The VEONICS Portal™ Identity-as-a-Service System (IDaaS) is revolutionizing the way we think of ID badges. Cloud-based badging happens online – also known as “on the cloud” – so there is no expensive software to install on your company’s computers. This means there is no longer any need to pay for software updates, wait for time-consuming reinstallations, or rely so heavily on your IT department. With cloud-based badging, your system is always up to date and your data is safe, even if your computer crashes. Rather than your information relying on one central hard drive, everything is backed up and stored in the cloud.

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Using Cloud-Based Badging In Your Business

When a new employee joins your company, you can design and create their ID badge immediately on your favorite browser, whether it’s Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. The VEONICS features include live photo capture, uploading, importing, auto cropping, and more. Even if your employee is not in the office at the time of badge creation, you can get a photo from them remotely using the VEONICS CELLfie™ email request tool. Once you’ve got the photo you want, designing and printing your own custom badge design using the VEONICS Badge Designer™ is amazingly quick and easy. This system allows you to upload your own graphics to create as complex or simplistic of a design as you’d like.

Once that ID badge is designed, built and sent to print, a virtual ID is issued immediately, giving the employee a temporary badge while they wait for their hard copy, or eliminating the need for the hard copy altogether. Either way, the virtual ID is vetted in real time to display each employee’s current status and any related data you may need. With our Vid Secured mobile app, each employee can keep a scannable virtual ID on their phone.

These are just a few of the benefits to moving from traditional badging to cloud-based badging. You’ll still have a hard copy of your badge if you’d like it, but designing badges, managing employees, and keeping data secure will be easier and more reliable than ever before. Whether you’re running a small operation or a huge corporation, this scalable platform works for companies of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re interested in streamlining your ID system with cloud-based badging, reach out to eXpress badging at this link to receive more information and get a price quote. eXpress badging will go the extra mile to make this process even easier than the system itself (if that’s even possible)!

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