Business Loans – Understanding Interest Rates

Loans are often a necessary part of business ownership. It takes many expensive items to run a business. When there is regular growth, the needs of the business may expand quickly. New office space, merchandise, or equipment can be unaffordable without proper financing.

A loan can help you get on the right track without running up several credit card accounts. As with any lending situation, interest rates apply to a business. These rates depend on several factors.

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Your credit score is one of the first things that gets checked by your chosen loan company. In the case of Business Loans, both the personal and business credit score are considered. It is common for interest rates to be higher when you score is low. A lower score defines a higher risk loan. This can be complicated, as a loan can often be the answer to solving some credit issues. If your score is low, be sure to show your competence in other areas, such as income.


Your repayment plan is usually set up in a way that you can pay an affordable amount each month. Your interest may be higher if this plan extends for a long period of time. There is no way to accurately predict changes in the economy over the course of several years. The company needs to allow for things like inflation and general economic climate.

When your loan is short-term, it is more likely to be paid back before the economy changes. The amount you plan to pay each month may also be a factor. A commitment to a higher payment may take down the interest rate.

Loan Amount

A small loan amount is a much lower risk for a loan company. Their constant concern is that individuals may default on their loans. This can be devastating to the well-being of their company.

The interest rates are how they make income. Your interest rate rises with the amount of the loan, as does the risk to the lender. You can keep your interest rate down by taking out the smallest loan possible to accomplish your goals. Many loans can be paid back early if you are able. This eliminates continuing interest, lowering your overall payment.


Loans are often secured by personal belongings. For small loans, this can be something like your car. For a large loan, your house can be used. Most business lenders try to steer clear of asking for personal items as collateral.

This way, if your business fails, you do not lose your home. The size of the collateral item, however, affects the interest. High-value items with low depreciation value help you receive a lower interest rate, as they lower the risk to the lender.

Interest rates are something to be taken very seriously. They can add a large amount of money to your loan total. This should be considered when you are deciding how much money you prefer to borrow. Take care to keep your credit scores up, borrow only what you need, and pay back your loan quickly to keep interest rates down.

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