Business Is More Than Money: How Leaders Set The Example [Infographic]

In a world where it seems like almost everyone is pinching pennies to make ends meet and entrepreneurs are working harder than ever to keep their customers happy, it’s nice to stop and remember that business is more than money. It’s more than making money, it’s more than spending money, and it’s more that money itself. Most entrepreneurs don’t start a business just to make money. They start a business because they have a dream and are passionate and dedicated to making that dream a reality.

If you are self-employed, ask yourself that question. Why did you start your business in the first place? It’s more than money, right? Money might be on the list, but I bet it’s in the top 10 reasons, not the top 2. I’ve been in jobs where I’ve earned well over six figures, and I’ve also been in jobs where I was joyful and inspired but I didn’t make hardly any money. I can tell you from experience since I’ve done both…I’d rather make a lot less money and wake up inspired to chase a dream everyday than make a ton of money and wake up dreading my job everyday.

An article on Inc. called Simple Secret For Happy Employees which published in January points to Gallup poll of 4,894 full-time employees who agree with me. Although making money (and having work-life balance) is important – having fulfilling, engaging work that actually makes a difference in the world trumps both of those things.

Here’s the interesting part, and I’ve written about this many times…Happiness at work and money/profits are interconnected. You have to be happy first, and then the money comes, not the other way around. This article from January on Time Magazine’s website called Happy Employees Mean Greater Profits confirms that.

I thought this infographic which touches on this topic was worth sharing with you. It’s called More Than Money – The Human Side Of Business (by, and it goes through what some of the larger companies value as important to the company, aside from just making money. I hope you like this one!

Business Is About More Than Money – The Human Side Of Business

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Header Image Credit: [Under 30 CEO]