Why Do Businesses Need A Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Businesses, regardless of their sizes have been able to save a lot of hard earned money investing in a preventive maintenance plan. The success of this plan depends to a great extent on the strategy that is adopted for the same.

In this write-up, let us find out how you can proceed with the plan so that it offers optimum returns for your business and also allows you to enjoy better ROI or Return on Investment.

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Tips For A Better Preventive Maintenance Implementation

Given below are the various steps that you must adopt to get better results-

Listing assets

One of the main strategies is to make a note of the assets that you have. This will include the ones the value of which depreciates over a period of time and also that has been categorized as major purchase. In case of the latter, mostly the product is sold with warranties in place. This is one of the main aspects of preventive maintenance plan strategy.

Consult the experts/vendors

Every department has its own head or so-called manager that handles the entire show of that particular division. Talk to the heads of the various departments and work out the plan by consulting them too. When the question of experts arises, it does not just mean that you have to talk to the division heads, in fact, a crucial role is also played by the vendors that sold the products to your company. It always makes sense to go through the maintenance contract that you had agreed upon while purchasing the product.

Work out inspection guidelines

Prior to implementing inspection schedule, it is best to work out the factors alongside which the inspection will be made. Few of the factors include dates; the number of hours the asset has been used, date of purchase, and type of product, model number, and technical specifications if any, and so on. Remember, the data that is required to be collected pertaining to the above parameters have to be updated on a regular basis and the same has to be recorded for future maintenance schedule.

Club with predictive maintenance

Alongside preventive maintenance, you can also make use of predictive maintenance options to find out the possibilities of an impending breakdown. These days, you will find that most of the businesses opt for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS software) for getting optimum results from the preventive maintenance. With the help of CMMS software, there are several benefits that you can enjoy.

Entrust responsibility

When preventive maintenance schedule is being worked out, it is quite natural that different assets will be taken into account. As such, assign the work of monitoring the maintenance schedule to one person from each division dealing with a particular type/category of assets.

How Will You Benefit From Preventive Maintenance?

It has been observed that businesses that have adopted this strategy or plan have shown remarkable improvement in their earnings that almost doubled within a very short time span. Aside from ROI, how do the businesses benefit? Let us find out.

  • The longevity of the assets/machinery/ equipment increases
  • You can save a lot of money by preventing unexpected breakdown. This will not only allow you to enjoy greater uptime but will also prevent you from incurring costs on unexpected losses due to breakdowns
  • You can assign tasks and work orders in real time and from the comfort of your office to personnel working at various sites because mobile CMMS has made this possible.

Last but not the least, over the years, if you enjoy the benefits of preventive maintenance, as a business owner, you not only enjoy greater ROI but you save a lot of money as you don’t have to spend on unnecessary maintenance schedule and repair of assets.

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