Watch Out For Your Business Setup Before Joining Hands With A Digital Marketing Company

Businesses, let it be small or big, have been scammed for a very long time now. Moreover, with the advances in the internet, scamming has become much easier. Not everyone running a business is a tech-savvy, which surely has benefited the scammers a lot.

Every business wants to have a partnership with a Digital Marketing Company that can cater their needs, and this is the field in which scammers are invading quite rapidly. What are the ways they are going to make use of to approach and con you? Read out the article and you’ll know.

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Google Business Listing

For this type of scam, usually, small businesses are targeted. The scammer calls and pretends to be an employee of Google. They will inform you of some “problem” with your Google Business Listening and will put you in doubt. However, the truth is Google never calls their customer for something specific. Just hang up there because it’s a scam. Also, look up at online caller checker to see who has been trying to con you.

If nothing shows up at the caller checker and you still want to be sure of your listings; go here.

Pricing Is Too Good To Be True

Low prices always attract us and that is what the scammer makes use of here. Having a digital marketing partner is important and one must be very careful on whom to trust. Look up for these signs before hiring:

The company offering a high-quality product at cheap prices compared to its competitors. What these digital marketing companies do is, they don’t submit complete work. Or if they do, it is not as per the promised quality.

They’ll miss guide you about their services, that is, use very similar names for totally different services. Ask specific questions when they are presenting their offer to you.

You’ll Receive An Email Stating “Looking At Your Website”

Although a clear signal that you are being scammed but an easy one to fall for. the scammer had done thorough research on your website and will quote some of your stuff in the email too to show their interest. Also, they’ll point out that it is not much SEO optimized and will promise you to do that right for you. Completely ignore it because that’s not how it works.

Guarantees No.1 Rank On Google

No digital marketing company out there is fully aware of the Google algorithm. Just because they are familiar with the technical and terms, it does not mean they have an expertise at it. Someone who makes any of the following promises should be ignored right away:

By the end of this project, your company will have the no.1 ranking on Google. (They’ll just insert keywords and that is not something people search for on google. How often do you search for something using keywords?)

When there will be no positive results by the end of the day, this digital marketing company will come up with never-ending excuses.

Even Google warns you regarding such type of scams. Educate your employees about this ongoing scamming trend and learn a lot more about digital marketing scams here.

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