Businesses Moving To A More Environmentally Friendly Approach

Many more businesses are now looking to be more eco-friendly in the way they are being run. This comes down to the pressure that has been put down for change to be made. This stems down from the push due to the documentary Blue Planet, which shows the damaging impact that was being made to the planet.

Here we cover two examples of major businesses offering a more eco-friendly approach with their service. Truedor is one of the biggest door manufactures in the UK and specialize with the fine art of composite doors. These doors have been the rising force in the industry in recent years due to the fact they offer great security and are extremely durable. This high-quality product can also be designed and tailored to the specific needs of each buyer.

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What is great about the Truedor product is that they are firm advocates for staying green, which is shown in the process of making these doors. They are in full compliance of regulations and recyclable 100% of the following products within the making process.

This includes PVC, sawdust, cardboard, paper, mixed scrap metal, polythene and ink cartridges. This process is a great step as they continue to push for a more environmentally friendly approach to the product.

Another business who has moved to a more eco-friendly approach is PPS. Packaging has been renowned as one of the most damaging for the environment with plastics, so it is a positive step they have moved for change. They specialize in Returnable packaging with their motto being returnable packaging that doesn’t cost the earth, which shows they are clearly looking to tackle the issues.

Returnable packaging is the new innovative process in the industry, which comes in the form of plastic pallets, plastic crates, boxes, trays, and containers. This works through a closed loop logistic chain. As an example, these would be delivered to the supplier, who would then pack them with the goods and deliver to their customers. These would then be collected, washed and then returned back to the start of the loop.

This means an end to single trip packaging, such as cardboard boxes and polystyrene, which have been one of the key issues for some time. These cycles can usually last between three and five years and usually result in significant savings in comparison to the previous single trip packaging. This is another great example of how businesses are evolving their services to move to a more eco-friendly approach.

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