Cashing In On Your Knowledge – 5 Ways SEO Can Make You Money

It’s a terrible feeling to be imbued with a lot of knowledge that you can’t make money with. Anyone who doubts that needs to talk to a few art history majors. Many consider SEO skills to be a lot like that. Fortunately, it’s not. All someone needs to know is how to put them to work.

Just as is the case with other fields, making money with SEO is largely a matter of knowing the area and implementing a little creative thinking. It doesn’t matter whether someone decides to sell their services to an agency or become an SEO reseller. From that point forward, the world will be an oyster. Consider this article a cheat sheet to a lucrative SEO future.

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Get An Agency Job

This first suggestion is enough to scare off many people, but getting a job with an agency is a piece of cake with some necessary SEO skills. That’s because so many people approach agencies with too few SEO skills that, when someone really good approaches them, the candidate is almost a shoo-in for a job—sometimes a very lucrative job.

Agencies are not always easy to work for since it’s a high-pressure, high-turnover profession, but it can be very lucrative. It’s also an exciting business for anyone who enjoys the creative and competitive nature of this world. Anyone who enjoys being in a cut-throat business will love this one.

Set Up An E-Commerce Website

This is another option that is often so obvious that most people don’t even think of it, but e-commerce can be immensely rewarding, especially for those with SEO skills. For that reason, anyone who is willing to give it a try and stick it out long enough to make sure they have the entrepreneurial acumen can make a handsome living selling products using their SEO skills.

Become An SEO Reseller

Anyone who isn’t familiar with the term SEO reseller isn’t alone. There are a lot of people in the same situation. The good news is an SEO reselling business is easy to set up and run. Further, being good with SEO can only make someone more attractive to clients.

An SEO reseller is a business or agency that farms out their SEO work while keeping the clients to themselves and present the SEO work as its own. This can be done in many ways, including having the SEO work done outside, which makes the bill an expense that is deductible on taxes. This is opposed to having an in-house staff, which is considered a cost of doing business and is not deductible.


Anyone who gets the hives thinking about working in an office would be best advised to hire themselves out as a consultant. Setting oneself up as a consultant is easy to do and can be very profitable. Not only that, but office expenses can be minimal if it is done right.

Host SEO Seminars

There can be little doubt that SEO is the buzzword of the century. Everyone has probably heard of it, but nobody knows much, if anything, about it. As a result, most people will pay through the nose to learn more about it. Seminars are relatively easy to set up. You can even take the easy way out by partnering with a local adult education department to sponsor classes. Part of the fee charged is yours to keep. The sponsor does everything else.

As stated before, making money with SEO is a matter of knowing your resources and implementing some creative thinking. Anyone can get started by doing a lot of networking and remaining alert to new opportunities. By using these strategies in combination with other knowledge, a business can fare better. It will also help when you pursue whatever else you love with your SEO skills.

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